PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: Which One Should You Think About Getting?

At the PlayStation Showcase last week, Sony announced two versions of the upcoming PS5… But, when you look at the PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition, you might be wondering which one to go for…

Gamers have a couple tough choices coming up, regarding the next-generation of consoles. The decision between Xbox and PlayStation might be an easy one for most, but then you get to which version of the console…

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Sony has announced two versions of the upcoming PlayStation 5: a Standard Edition and a Digital Edition. What does this mean? On the surface, the Digital Edition doesn’t have a disc tray. That means you’ll only be able to play games that you download digitally, and physical releases will essentially be worthless. That doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to play, though! Even if you don’t get any PlayStation 5 games at launch, the PS Plus Collection has a whole host of PlayStation 4 classics for you to get stuck into.

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This is a major difference, we know. However, that isn’t the only one! The other main difference is the pricing. The Standard Edition PlayStation 5 comes in around £450/$499, while the Digital Edition PlayStation 5 is around £350/$399.

PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition
Credit: Sony

PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: Those Are The Only Two Differences

You read that right! That’s pretty much the only difference between the two consoles. PlayStation’s Jim Ryan, their big boss, has spoken to Japanese media outlet Impress with why there isn’t a lower-spec option like there is with the Xbox Series.

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“First of all let me say that we respect the judgement and philosophy of out competitors. Obviously price is an important factor, and we respect the strategy of our competitors…”

Jim Ryan essentially continued to express his belief that these versions of consoles don’t perform as well as they would have to in order to warrant PlayStation making a lower-spec PS5. He has come to this conclusion after looking at research that suggests that customers want to have “future proof” consoles. Basically, Jim Ryan believes the PS5 will last the lifetime of the PlayStation 4, if not longer, and that the Xbox Series S might not.

It seems a reasonable analysis given the lower specs of the Series S… Although, in the wake of a global pandemic, a lower-cost option might be the one consumers flock to more.