PUBG Mobile: Bans Hit Over 2.3 Million Accounts In Christmas Week

As a gift to PUBG Mobile players, Tencent have hit over 2.3 million accounts with bans this week in a response to various exploits and hacking ventures. Here’s all we know.

PUGB Mobile‘s success has come at a cost. Much like any online multiplayer title, even more so those with a competitive aspect, PUGB Mobile is plagued by a hacker epidemic. Despite negative publicity, Tencent have proven once-again that they have their players in mind with their latest spree of bans against PUBG Mobile hackers,

Described as “a gift to players” during the Holidays, Tencent hit 2,395,953 accounts with a permanent ban between Dec. 18 and Dec. 24.

PUBG Mobile Bans Hit Accounts For A Number Of Reasons

Interestingly, the majority of the accounts banned were done-so for violations regarding to modifying the character model. Other common cheats, which will be familiar reading to anyone who plays a competitive shooter online, include auto-aim and X-ray vision.

Tencent have hinted at the reasons of the bans in the following percentages:

  • Character Model modification – 23%
  • Auto-Aim hacks – 16%
  • Speed Hacks – 14%
  • X-Ray Vision – 14%
  • Area Damage modification – 13%
  • Other – 20%
PUBG Mobile Bans
Credit: Tencent
  • Hacking, though, isn’t rank restricted. Below is the percentage breakdown of the banned accounts ranks:
  • Conqueror – 2%
  • Ace – 7%
  • Crown – 14%
  • Diamond – 16%
  • Platinum – 14%
  • Gold – 10%
  • Silver – 8%
  • Bronze – 29%

Why is this overtly interesting? With PUGB Mobile having a rampant hacking porblem, Tencent are making sure that players know they are taking action. This is expemplified in a weekly anti-cheating report that is issued by Tencent.

More often than not, the number of accounts banned each week is around 1.5 million. So, 2.3 million is a pretty steep increase on that number. The anti-cheating report can be seen to be a two-fold approach to dealing with the issue. Not only does it highlight that action is being taken in an effort to reinforce player support in Tencent, it also acts as a deterrent to those who are hacking or debating hacking by reaffirming that bans are continually rolling out.

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Earlier this week, PUBG Mobile released a short cinematic-style video lamenting hackers and attempting to represent the negative consequences:

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