Quick bug fixes, experimental mode tweaks come to Overwatch

With just one week left in the 2020 Overwatch Anniversary event, a new patch came out to fix some general bugs. Ashe, Baptiste, Echo and Orisa were the heroes that received specific bug fixes. The Overwatch experimental mode has some new buffs and nerfs for players to test out before the last month of competitive season 22. 

First, a PC bug that brought stability issues to Nvidia SLi and AMD crossfire configuration users was patched. A custom game loading problem for the Mei’s Snowball Offensive game mode was patched. Anniversary loot box screen problems were also fixed, as users were having trouble with the lobby background.

Orisa’s Demon skin and Ashe’s Little Red Ashe skin had animation issues patched. Baptiste had a minor bug where his Immortality Field disc was incorrectly scaled during a highlight intro pose. Finally, a bug where Echo’s clone showed up in the kill feed even without being destroyed was patched. 

It was a relatively minor update, but some of the Overwatch experimental mode changes looked to change a few characters. Changes were DPS heavy as Genji and Hanzo received minor buffs while newcomer Echo saw a nerf. Support hero Moira is tweaked as well. 


The range on Echo’s focusing beam is down from 20 to 16 meters. This helps with the overall impact of having a flying character far away from a battle while dealing massive damage. Some players pocket Echo with a Mercy, and now both heroes will have to be closer to the battle. 


Genji’s Shuriken’s damage goes from 28 to 30, a minor change but one that can help the Overwatch staple. Padding onto that is Genji’s projectiles’ spread reduction. Genji’s Deflect duration is up from 1.5 to 2 seconds. The Deflect can be canceled manually now. 


The bow sniper is seeing some damage increase. The Storm Arrows’ damage goes from 60 to 70. That can help in close quarters combat where a sniper character is usually at a far disadvantage. As more players have moved to Ashe, this could help bring more competition in the sniper field. 


A pretty substantial tweak is coming to the support hero. Moira players, especially at lower levels, can tend to play a more DPS style than needed. Now Moira’s Biotic Grasp faces damage nerf from 50 to 40.