Quick First Impressions of Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is a new Battle Royale FPS from Ubisoft Montreal. The game went into closed beta for streamers and other personalities at 17:00 BST. The game is set in a city in the future with vast skyscrapers and long sightlines in the streets. 

From first glance and streamer gameplay, it’s more fast-paced than Warzone and closer to Apex: Legends in looks. The game features group only play at launch and has about 33 groups in a game. Double-jumps and slides are key for general movement.

Here are some of the general first impressions I have from watching players.

The Main Lobby/Loading

The main lobby is not just a screen but rather an area that you can run around in. You can pick different “hacks,” power-ups that players choose before a match. Examples are a slam, a heal, turning into a ball, and a teleport. 

This is a far more immersive experience than a basic screen and helps get a player into the movement of the game.


Players can double-jump and get on top of the large buildings. The running speed is quick, but sliding is the best way to get around. Fall damage is not a factor, so players can jump about anywhere. The movement when in the air is almost Halo-like with a little more gravity. 

In-Game Events

There are in-game events after some time in the game. Twitch streamers actually give an opportunity for the chat to decide what happens in-game. There is a low gravity mode, an infinite ammo mode and a reveal enemy one among others. Like other battle royales, the map closes down every few minutes, with a 60-second notification that you need to get into the sector. At the end of the game, players have to pick up a crown in a small area to win.


The guns are pretty basic in Hyper Scape. Among others, there is the Ripper, a strong AR, and the Protocol V, a sniper. The time to kill is pretty high compared to a game like Warzone, and you can see the opposing players’ health bar. 


There are plenty of different “champions” to unlock. They have different skins and starter melees and such. It’s unclear how long it takes to unlock each champion but the game is quite vast in that aspect. 


Currently, it’s only squads of three allowed to queue together. Players can ping each other to let them know where to drop. Healing teammates comes from looting health packs and the heal hack. Players have to be revived through killing an enemy, which is interesting. Oddly enough, there is no minimap.