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R6 Siege: Y5 S4 Operation Neon Dawn Guide

It’s finally time! Operation Neon Dawn is starting in Rainbow Six: Siege. Here’s everything you need to know about the Y5 S4 Operation and what it’s bringing to the game.

On 8th of November Ubisoft revealed the final operation for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5 called “Neon Dawn”. The Operation was announced just before the Grand Final of the SIX Major 2020 EU with Ubisoft’s iconic Reveal Panel and today after almost a month in the test server the new Operation Neon Dawn hits the live build of the game with a 60 GB update.

Operation Neon Dawn features… Deep breath…

A brand new operator from Thailand by the name of “Aruni”, a 2 Armor and 2 Speed Defender;

A rework on the map Skyscraper;

A few main changes for Jäger, Echo and Hibana;

Other changes to the defuser, runout timers, gadget interactions and chat accessibility;

The new charity program called Sixth Guardian

New weapon skins;

And lastly some operators are receiving balance changes and the general game as per usual is getting a few tweaks/improvements.

Operation Neon Dawn Brings New Operator Aruni

Apha “Aruni” Tawanroong is a 2 Armor and 2 Speed Defender from Thailand that possesses the Surya Gate device.

This device can be placed on a door, wall or window. Then, the gate releases a laser cover that denials any equipment that tries to surpass it. The same happens to enemy attackers, too! They receive a burn when trespassing the gate.

Aruni´s Loadout. /Credit: Ubisoft

Aruni is rocking a P10 Roni Submachine Gun, also used by the defender Mozzie, the MK14 EBR Assault Rifle, also used by Dokkaebi, and the PRB92, also used by the Brazilian’s BOPE.

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In terms of gadgets, the Thai operator brings barbed wire and a proximity alarm. Watch everything about Aruni here.

Skyscraper Rework

The Year 1 Season 4 map Skyscraper is getting a rework in order to balance gameplay and improve navigation. The iconic Dragon is now indoors, and a part of the balcony is now removed.

Credit: SiegeGG

There are other changes too, but we think it’s best if you find them out for yourself!

Operation Neon Dawn Main Operator Changes


Jäger will be getting a change to his Active Defense System, mainly. The device now has a cooldown of 10 seconds after denying an opponent’s projectile, this will prevent the device from intercepting another projectile until the cooldown ends. The charges of this device, though, are now infinite.

Jäger is one of the operators that are getting a big change in Operation Neon Dawn. /Credit: Ubisoft


Hibana´s X-Kairos Launcher is getting tweaked in order to be configured to shoot 2, 4 or 6 X-Kairos at a time.


The controversial Yokai drone now remains visible when placed on ceilings. This seems to fix the reason for the player’s frustration when playing against an enemy Echo.

Runout Timer Changes

Firstly, there’s been a detection time reduction. The time it takes for a Defender to be detected outside has been reduced from 2s to 1s. In addition to this, a new Debuff icon appears on the HUD to replace the countdown text.

Operation Neon Dawn
Credit: Ubisoft

Defuser Planting Detection Improvements

A “no-drop zone” has been added to the edge of bomb sites to prevent players from accidentally dropping the Defuser while trying to plant it on the Bomb area.

Gadget on Gadget Interaction Changes

A change will be coming out that fixes some of the interactions between sticky gadgets like Ash’s Breaching Round and the bulletproof gadgets like Melusi´s Banshee Sonic Defense.

In most cases, sticky gadgets just bounce off the bulletproof gadget. However, in Operation Neon Dawn this should be fixed.

Chat Accessibility Changes

Voice to Text and Text to Voice options for the in-game chat channel have been added to the Options Menu. Furthermore, chat assistance like Narration and Hints have been brought in to help improve accessibility for all. Players should also now be able to adjust the audio-visual cues for the chat and the scale the font sizes.

Operation Neon Dawn
Credit: Ubisoft

The Sixth Guardian Program

Ubisoft announced that Year 5 Season 4 marks the launching of the Sixth Guardian Program, which is dedicated to a limited-time bundle that converts to a certain charity.

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The program is set to launch with a Doc Sixth Guardian Bundle.

Operation Neon Dawn
Credit: Ubisoft

Some Operators Are Cheaper Now

Sadly, this doesn’t apply to all of the Operators but… Hey! Some deal is better than no deal, right?

Dokkaebi, Vigil and Zofia’s are all now 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits.

Kaid and Nomad are 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits.

Kali and Wamai’s price now sits at 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.

New Seasonal Weapon Skins

A new weapon skin will become available once the new operation goes live!

Operation Neon Dawn
Credit: Ubisoft

The Gold Impact can be purchased throughout the season, remains in your inventory and can be equipped to all weapons.

Operator Balancing Changes


  • You can now choose 2, 4, or 6 X-Kairos to shoot from the X-Kairos Launcher. A crosshair and red highlight are visible when ADSing. These visual guides will change according to the configuration selected;


  • The ADS device has a cooldown of 10s after destroying a projectile. While in cooldown, the ADS will not interact with enemy projectiles;
  • The ADS device now has an infinite number of charges up from the previous 2;


  • Yokai Drone cloaking has been removed and is now always visible;


  • The number of Breaching Rounds is increased to 3 up from the previous 2;
  • Breaching Round damage is reduced to 50 HP down from the previous 90 HP;
  • Stun Grenades are replaced with a Claymore;


  • Stun Grenades are replacing Breach Charges;


  • The number of Mag-Nets is reduced to 4 down from the previous 5;
  • Mag-Net explosion has been removed when the device auto-destroys;
  • Impact Grenades are replacing the Deployable Shield;


  • Frag Grenades are replacing Stun Grenade;


  • Impact Grenades are replacing the Deployable Shield;

Tweaks & Improvements

Game Balancing

Outside Detection

  • The outside detection timer is reduced from 2s to 1s for Operators;
  • Timer has been replaced by a gauge in UI;

Player Comfort

Reconnect State

  • Allows players to see when there is an ongoing match they can reconnect to, whether it was previously left intentionally or unintentionally;
  • Intended to clearly indicate the action of reconnecting in Player HUB, Play Section, Multimodal, and Matchmaking Screen;
  • Faster Reinforcement;
  • Allows players to see when there is an ongoing match they can reconnect to, whether it was previously left intentionally or unintentionally;
  • Intended to clearly indicate the action of reconnecting in Player HUB, Play Section, Multimodal, and Matchmaking Screen;

Caster HUD

  • The number of players left in a game will always be displayed in the HUD;
  • When the number of players changes, a new animation will occur;

Playlist Guides Update

  • Receiving an update to unify criteria, add more useful information for players, and give an overall view of their main features.
  • Players can easily know what each playlist has to offer and what’s the one that fits them better, from match duration to main rules and game modes;
  • More specific competitive information is being added on the Ranked guide regarding MMR facts, squad restriction, how Bomb game mode and ban phase work, or what are the penalties involved when abandoning;

Game Health

Defuser planting system

  • Detection and behaviour improvements have been made to the Defuser when an Attacker is planting;
  • Players are no longer able to plant Defusers outside of bomb sites;
  • A small “No Drop Zone” is now present around the bomb site and other rooms to avoid accidental Defuser drops;
  • Detection to validate Defuser deployment is now both on player and Defuser position;
  • The Defuser can now be planted directly below the operator, so planting is now possible when hugging a wall or prop;

Deployable and Stickiness

  • Gadget deployment is now blocked if a player tries to deploy over an existing gadget;
  • Projectiles can now stick to bullet proof gadgets;

3D Weapon Skins

  • 3D Weapon Skins are gradually being added into the game;
  • Skins are intended to improve the quality of content provided to players and provide further customization options;

Here you can find the list of bug fixes for Operation Neon Dawn.

All of this new content and changes is now live today on the full build of Rainbow Six Siege! Watch the Operation Neon Dawn full Reveal Panel here.

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