Rainbow Six: Siege’s Money Heist Crossover Begins

Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft’s ongoing tactical FPS, has just kicked off another exciting in-game event. This one has Operators thrust into the world of Netflix’s Money Heist to rescue a hostage donning the recognizable crimson clothing.

What’s Money Heist?

Money Heist is the English-language name for the Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel. The series follows an assault on Madrid’s Royal Mint of Spain by an organized group of criminals donning red jumpsuits and masks resembling Salvador Dali. Netflix picked up what was originally planned to be a two-part series, and it now continues onto life after the heist for the surviving robbers. Rotten Tomatoes gave Money Heist an approval rating of 100%, which is usually a good sign. 

This is the getup you can expect from the hostage in Rainbow Six’s event

Unlike the series, however, Rainbow Six: Siege’s event does not have players assaulting a bank, although I like to imagine Payday 2 would be amazing with Rainbow Six’s mechanics. Instead, the Rainbow Six: Siege event has players rescuing a hostage instead. Not exactly the same degree of criminalism, but it has to fit with Rainbow Six’s available game modes, I suppose. Despite all this, Attacker Hibana and Defender Vigil get a couple of fancy skins for the event! Like any cosmetic item, if you like them, you can choose to purchase them to keep after the event is over. 

Much like this image, players never know where the enemy is coming from in Rainbow Six: Siege

Unsure about whether you want to rescue hostages in a themed event based on a Netflix series?

Rainbow Six: Siege is also going free to play this weekend. 08:00 EST November 21 to 15:00 EST on November 24! This is the full game, not a trial, available on all platforms. You can also click here for the official word on the event.

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