Resident Evil 8 Release Date Revealed, May 7th

Resident Evil Village Release Date With Chris Redfield

The Resident Evil 8 release date has been revealed in the Village showcase, with pre-orders open today. An exclusive demo is also now available for PlayStation 5 on the Sony PlayStation Store, with a separate demo available for PC and Xbox later this spring.

The Resident Evil 8 Village showcase has finally come and given fans a lot of new information to digest. A direct sequel to RE7, players will take the place of Ethan Winters, continuing his story from a first-person perspective.

In the showcase, Ethan is seen making his way from the village to the ‘castle’ (which looks to be a major area in the game), to search for his kidnapped daughter. Earlier in the showcase, we see Chris Redfield being handed a baby, could this mean Chris will be an antagonist in this game?

Set a few years after the horrifying events in the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the all-new storyline begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new location, free from their past nightmares, just as they are building their new life together, tragedy befalls them once again

Credit: Capcom

Village producer Peter Fabiano also revealed that they have been working hard to bring the game to current-gen consoles. Previously, Capcom stated they were ‘looking into’ bringing the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but now it’s confirmed the Resident Evil 8 release will include all next and current-gen console systems. For those who may be thinking of upgrading, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Village will receive a free digital upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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The showcase also confirmed versions of the game previously leaked in a data breach in November 2020. Here is a look at what will be available:

Resident Evil 8 Village Deluxe Edition Contents
Credit: Capcom

The Deluxe Edition of Village will be available for all platforms and includes items that ‘call back to Resident Evil 7‘. This includes:

  • Safe Room Music
  • Mr Everywhere
  • Found Footage RE7 Filter
  • The Tragedy of Ethan Winters: RE7 and RE8 Art Collection
  • Max Difficulty
  • Save Device
  • Albert01 Chris Gun
RE Village Collectors Edition
Credit: Capcom

The Collector’s Edition will also include all digital content from the Deluxe Edition along with:

  • Custom Box
  • Chris Redfield Figure
  • SteelBook Case
  • Art Book
  • Trauma Pack Product Code
  • Poster of The Village
RE Village Pre Order Contents
Credit: Capcom

For those that pre-order any version of Village, they will also receive a bonus of:

  • Survival Resource Pack
  • Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm

There will also be an exclusive Resident Evil Village soundtrack for those that pre-order the digital version of the game from the Sony PlayStation store.

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In the gameplay showcase, developers reveal a new guarding mechanic which they emphasise will be an important part of the gameplay. Prompts to ‘push the enemy away’ can also be seen. In previous Resident Evil games such as the RE2 remake, players could only push enemies away when they had already been grabbed in an attack. This new mechanic will no doubt mean a new way to approach combat, however, let’s not forget running away is always a very good option!

RE Village Inventory
Credit: Capcom

The inventory system is reminiscent of RE4‘s, however devs state they have added crafting elements to it, with players being able to craft important items such as ammo and medicine.

Those lucky enough to have snagged a PlayStation 5 will be able to play the exclusive demo released today. Unlike the actual game, instead of taking the role of Ethan Winters, players will control ‘The Maiden’ and there will be no actual combat or blocking in the gameplay.

In the demo, the Maiden finds herself in the dungeon of the castle and it’s up to you to help her escape. Though you won’t be playing as Village‘s protagonist in this demo, no doubt it will be connected to the game’s story somehow, similar to the demo for RE7.

Lastly, a multiplayer game RE: Verse will be included with all purchases of Village. RE: Verse is a 3rd person shooter and will feature prominent characters from the Resident Evil franchise such as Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Get your jacket ready, because it’s time to traverse the desolate snowy village and go up against some bloodthirsty vampire ladies. Ethan Winters will be awaiting your help in Resident Evil Village on May 7th!

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