Riot Announces VALORANT Esports Ignition Series

With VALORANT still hot off the presses, Riot wants to capitalize on the game’s slowly growing esports scene. There have been hundreds of tournaments across the world held by third-party organizers. Riot is now planning on working with these smaller TOs to highlight a few of them each week with their esports program: VALORANT Ignition Series.

The idea here is that Riot will begin a partner program that gives each organizer the freedom to host their own tournaments however they want. This will be done in hopes of growing natural talent and love for the esports scene worldwide. Currently, Riot is working with 20 different TOs to start off but is planning to have many more tournaments in the future. It will also showcase these tournaments on its own channels to promote a grassroots esports growth.

RIOT GAMES Tournament

VALORANT is already scheduled to have two major tournaments this weekend. The first will be hosted by G2 Esports and Red Bull Gaming. The twist on this tournament is that 8 team captains will be picked but will only find out who is in their respective squad the day before the tournament itself. The second tournament is a 16-team tournament hosted by RAGE in Japan. Riot boasted that this tournament winner will take home the fabulous prize of 500,000 Yen, which seems great until you do the math and find out it’s roughly $4,600. That’s not chump change, but you can definitely imagine that the Company that runs the biggest esport in the world would put out a bit more for one of their first esports events.

Riot Games Rage

Will VALORANT Esports Make A Difference?

Riot plans to announce more tournaments in the coming days, but we are still left with an important question: will VALORANT esports be enjoyable to watch? It is no question that players enjoy playing the game but how is it as a spectator esport? After the game’s release, the average twitch viewership went down. The main reason is that players didn’t need to watch streams just to get the key. A few of the larger streamers like CouRage and DrDisrespect left the game because their viewers think the game is boring to watch.

Maybe now with the reintroduction of Rated next week, there will be more interest in the game. We won’t know how successful this new Ignition Series actually is until it gets started. Riot will tell us more about the program on June 18th.