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Riot Bilibili Deal Really Was Worth $113 Million

Riot has apparently confirmed it’s rumoured deal for Chinese Broadcasting Rights to LoL Worlds, MSI, and All-Stars. The Riot Bilibili Deal was struck for the broadcasting rights of just three events.

You may have missed it last year, but in December 2019, there were reports that Bilibili had won the bidding war with Riot for exclusive media rights to its League of Legends tournaments. They beat out a whole host of other streaming companies, including Douyu and Kuaishou. However, this is all old news… Well, old rumours and reported information. 

Now, from infamous leaker and esports commentator @Slasher, it has been confirmed that this is all true. Considering that it was basically common knowledge before, this makes sense. Either way, it’s massive money and it just goes to show the level of support for League of Legends and esports in general. 

Riot Bilibili Deal Is Worth A Lot More Than It Should Be, Industry Experts Claimed

Riot Bilibili Deal
Credit: Daxaue consulting

At the time, sources told The Beijing News (the news company that originally reported the deal) that it was far over-priced. Rather than $113M, they believed that $71M was a reasonable cost. However, clearly Bilibili thought otherwise. 

With the League of Legends World Championships finals supposed to be taking place in the  Shanghai Stadium this year, it makes sense that there would be a hot bidding war for the exclusivity of the event. Thankfully for Bilibili, the deal is still going to come to fruition as the League of Legends World Championship is still taking place there. However, there have been some changes… Read here for everything you need to know.

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