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Riot Games Announce Jackson Guitars Collaboration with LCS and Pentakill

Riot Games has announced a collaboration with guitar manufacturer Jackson, involving Riot’s League of Legends themed heavy metal band Pentakill.

This collaboration has been called a “global collaboration” by Riot and will highlight Jackson Guitars’ “powerful performance and distinctive style,” per a report by Esports Insider. Riot has also announced that April 11th will mark the return of Pentakill for the 2021 Mid-Season Showdown Finals.

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The band will be performing the opening ceremony, which will include a teaser of their newest song, set to be released later this year. The details of the collaboration with Jackson Guitars have not yet been released, but because of the timing of the announcement, it can be expected that further information will be revealed at the Mid-Season Showdown Finals.

The return of Pentakill has been announced as an ongoing project, with “unique activations” throughout the remainder of 2021. This marks 4 years since the last Pentakill project, which was the band’s album “II: Grasp of the Undying” in 2017.

Pentakill is Riot Games’ fictional band whose members are comprised of six champions from League of Legends: Mordekaiser, Yorick, Karthus, Olaf, Sona, and Kayle. Seeing as the collaboration is with a guitar manufacturer, the collaboration will most likely feature the instruments of Mordekaiser or Yorick, the guitarist and the bassist of the band, respectively.

While also not confirmed, or even hinted at, new champion Viego, the Ruined King, could be joining the Pentakill lineup, as one of the tracks on “II: Grasp of the Undying” was named Blade of the Ruined King. The timing would also be convenient, as Viego is the most recently released champion. This is, however, pure speculation and wishful thinking.

The Jackson Guitars collaboration is apt for the return of Pentakill, as Jackson Guitars is an iconic staple of the heavy metal genre, and the brand has collaborated with the likes of Trivium, Gojira, and Megadeth. Likewise, Pentakill has also collaborated with heavy metal genre titans such as Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast, and Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle.

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