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Riot Games Announce MSI 2021 to be Held in Iceland

MSI 2021 has just been officially announced! After last year’s cancellation, Riot has finally confirmed the return of MSI in 2021. Read here to find out more about Mid Seasonal Invitational 2021 format changes, date and location!

MSI 2021: Location Reveal

MSI 2021 location and Dates

The Mid Seasonal Invitational of League of Legends is back with a new exciting venue to host it: Reykjavík. The event will be held at Laugardalshöll indoor sporting arena during a span of 16 days, from the 6th to the 22nd of May 2021.

After last year’s cancellation, we’re excited to reintroduce this major international competition and bring together the top teams from every region. The games will be played at the Laugardalshöll indoor sporting arena, where the historic “Match of the Century” 1972 World Chess Championship was held. […] The event will not be able to accommodate a live audience.

Official Statement

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Why host MSI 2021 in Reyjkavik?

Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland with a population of “only” 131.000 people, which compared to the nearly 4 million inhabitants of Los Angeles, which hosted the previous MSI, might seem quite small. This marks the first time that Riot is bringing its competitions to Iceland.

MSI 2021
MSI 2021: Location Reveal

Considering the continued problems with COVID-19 in 2021 a “smaller” city seems to be the perfect fit for this highly anticipated event. Fans around the world are indeed excited to see the return of this unique event. In 2020 MSI was cancelled by Riot due to the pandemic. It wasn’t a decision taken light-heartedly: initially, the date and venue kept changing until the idea of hosting such a large event with hundreds of people coming from all over the world seemed too far away and the summer competitions far too close.

MSI2021 Format

The latest MSI (2019) was divided into Play-Ins and Play-off, dividing the teams based on their performance during the previous spring split. However this year there will be no Play-Ins and all teams from all regions will start off in the same stage of MSI 2021. There will be three stages total:

  • Stage 1: Groups
    All 12 teams start here and they will split into three groups of four teams. Each of these groups will play a best-of-one, double round robin. The top two teams per group will advance to the next stage.
  • Stage 2: Rumble
    The six remaining teams will play another best-of-one, double round robin. The top four teams will advance to a playoff bracket.
  • Stage 3: Knockout
    The top four teams will advance to a single elimination, best-of-five playoff bracket, consisting of the Semifinals followed by the Finals.

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