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Riot Games Announces Host City for Worlds 2021

Worlds 2021 Finals Host City, Shenzhen, China

Riot Games has announced that Shenzhen was selected to be the host city for the grand finals of Worlds 2021. Here’s what we know…

Sitting alongside the southeastern coast of China and closely embedded within Hong Kong, Shenzhen was tabbed to host one of esports most renowned tournaments and League of Legends‘ centerpiece competitive event.

“I’m pleased to announce today the host city of 2021 Worlds Finals: Shenzhen. This bold and modern city is on the rise, making it the perfect destination for the biggest moment in our sport. An exciting new city for the next chapter in LoL esports. With all this and much more to come, 2021 is set to be our biggest season yet.”

John Needham, Riot Games’ Global Head of Esports

The move follows up Riot’s decision to choose China as the hosting region for Worlds yet again after its organization of the 2020 tournament which was hampered by the Coronavirus worldwide pandemic. All games that led up to the grand finals were played inside a carefully constructed bubble, with teams gathering together to compete in an enclosed but technologically savvy main stage.

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Worlds 2020 Grand Finals Stage (Courtesy of Riot Games)
Worlds 2020 Grand Finals Stage (Courtesy of Riot Games)

In the grand finals, Suning and DAMWON Gaming faced off in front of a 6,000-strong live crowd in Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai. It was the first time a major sporting event occurred with a large public gathering. Inching to rectify for the lost opportunity of celebrating the game’s 10-year anniversary, Riot pinned China again for a full-fledged do-over for the 2021 edition of the tournament.

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For this year’s Worlds, Riot plans to execute a round-trip voyage throughout China and play its games in different locations at each round, from play-ins to the semifinals. This will then culminate in the finals where Shenzhen will serve as the host.

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