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Riot Games Updates Behavioral System

Riot Games came forward with major news – massive updates and upgrades to the behavioral system that punishes toxic and game-breaking players.

Hello everyone! We’re back with another monthly update on our progress toward improving League’s behavioral systems. As usual, we would like to give you some insight into what the team has been working on this month and what you should see rolling out across the next few patches.

Riot Games

Their current goal is to focus on two specific disruptive areas: Intent to lose actions and leaving or going idle in game. These two groups include intentionally feeding opponents, sabotage through disruptive gameplay actions, intentionally leaving the game and game disconnects.

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Intentional Feeding and Idle/AFK Detection

After 100s of depressing manual VOD reviews and verification exercises, we think we’re in a good enough place to start getting improvements to how we detect intentional feeding and idle/AFK behaviors out for testing.

Riot Games

These changes have already been implemented in 10.15. This will allow them to identify these behaviors at DOUBLE THE RATE they are currently, take action against those negative behaviors more consistently and let players know when they’ve caught negative behaviors.

Idle and AFK Actions

If we’re detecting disruptive behavior more often, how are we actioning against it? In order to reduce the overall footprint of idle and AFK behavior in League.

Riot Games

They have outlined a few options that tackle the goals of preventing such disruptive behavior more often. Riot Games has dug more into the following solutions to address AFKs in the short-term:

  • Early surrender options when they identify an AFK early in your game
  • LP mitigation for those in ranked games that have an AFK or intent to lose behaviors on their team during a loss
  • Stricter Queue lockouts for those that disconnect / AFK
  • Pre-queue warnings for those that have disrupted games previously

They are looking for feedback from the community on these new implementations.

Champ Select Reporting

Two patches ago we launched Champion Select Reporting and Muting features. We’ve been able to gather significant data around disruptive behaviors in Champion Select and have seen success in giving players a pre-emptive way of avoiding verbal abuse in Champion Select and in game. Rather than turn these features off after the two-patch experiment as originally planned, we’ll leave them on going forward.

Riot Games

They have committed to shipping the following to further develop the Champion Select experience:

  • Ban confirmation and detection
  • Penalty System Integration

To read more about these upcoming changes, head over to this page.

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