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Riot Releases New Shan Hai Scroll Skins With Video

shan hai scroll skins feature

A new set of champion skins are on the way for the League of Legends game client.

Riot Games released a teaser video showing the latest “Shan Hai Scroll” skins they will implement for their game, which depicts an indirect homage to the classical blend of Chinese art that mixed calligraphy with illustrations of animals and magical beasts (loosely titled “Shan Hai Jing,” or “Classic of Mountains and Seas”) .

The video shows Neeko standing alone in a rocky plain who was then brigaded by a barrage of other champions that included Jhin, Nautilus, and Cho’Gath. These three, along with Neeko, gives viewers the assumption that they will head the latest skin update for the game.

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In addition to posting the teaser video, the League of Legends’ official Twitter account uploaded a visual of the four featured champions drawn under the inspiration of the traditional Chinese art that the skins are based on.

Shan Hai Scroll Skins visual
Credit: Riot Games

The Chinese-inspired skin set was previously shown in a PBE preview for Patch 11.2 with images relaying how each champion will look in-game. While the skins weren’t released when 11.2 went live, all points are leading to the enactment of Patch 11.3, which will happen on February 3, as the prime date when they are able to be open for purchase.

In addition with the release of the teaser video, Riot also uploaded the official trailer for the new skins. The video illustrates how each of the four champions’ abilities will look in Summoner’s Rift with their respective skins. Such abilities include Neeko’s Pop Blossom, Cho’Gath’s Rupture, Nautilus’ Depth Charge and, of course, Jhin’s Curtain Call.

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