Riot Unveil New EMEA Format for Stage 2 of VALORANT Champions Tour

Riot has revealed this Tuesday that the next Stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour a number of significant changes to the qualification system will be shared between Europe, CIS and Turkey.

The qualifying process of Stage 2 will feature two main events that will qualify for a final and conclusive tournament where all regions will meet and fight for a spot at the first international LAN in the VALORANT esports scene: the VCT: Masters 2.

There will be just two main events for all these three regions. The process of qualification for these events will remain open but each one will reap different benefits for each of its regions.

VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA format
(Credit: Riot Games)

For the European qualifier, the first main event and the second main event will land the top two finishers a spot in the big EMEA Challengers Playoffs tournament that will eventually determine the two teams that will represent Europe, CIS and Turkey at Reykjavík, Iceland.

The same applies for Turkey, even though the country holds just three pathways to the EMEA Challengers Playoffs, with two spots being attributed during the first Turkish main event and the last one being conquered by the winner of its second main event.

CIS will be the most penalized region, as the Commonwealth will only have one spot for grabs at the large EMEA Challengers tournament. Unlike the other regions, the first main CIS event will save four spots in the second tournament, from which the winner will qualify for the big European clash.

The format of the EMEA Challengers Playoffs has also been announced, adopting a style similar to the likes of VCT: Masters 1. A GSL group-stage will hand out spots for single-elimination playoffs that will remain with BO3 semi-finals and BO5 grand-finals.

The prize-pool of these events has also been revealed, with the EMEA Challengers Playoffs distributing its €85,500 in a top-heavy fashion.

Open-qualifiers for these events will take place in April, with a massive bracket of 512 teams that will kick off the process that will determine which two teams will represent the EMEA area against international competition at the VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters 2.

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