RLCS X Sponsored by Verizon, Psionix Confirmed

In a blog post earlier, Psionix confirmed the following news… RLCS X will be sponsored by Verizon this year. Although this will only affect the North American region, it’s still an exciting next step for competitive Rocket League.

RLCS X has been upgraded alongside this announcement. This year’s Series will be an open event-based circuit, leaving behind the league play of the past. There will be stand-alone regional events with varying team sizes and a massive $4.5million prize pool. This all should mean that RL players are rewarded for consistently high results rather than abnormal victories.

RLCS X Sponsored by Verizon
Credit: Psionix

Each event win will give team points that are put towards qualification to the World Championships. Essentially, this should then mean that players can qualify for consistently high performances. However, Regional events can also be used to try and get that qualification. In an effort to balance representation, the finals of the RLCS will consist of 16 teams: six from Europe and NA, then two from both South America and the Oceanic region. These will all be qualifiers from their own regional circuits, too! So… Best of the best, you’d hope!

RLCS X Sponsored by Verizon Statement Excerpt

“With rapid and fast-paced changes taking the Rocket League Championship Series by storm this year, we needed a partner who could stay up to speed… They know a thing or two about delivering consistent results as America’s most awarded network, which is why we’re excited to have them powering the North American RLCS all season long.”

It is still a little unclear what this partnership means other than branded hosting sponsorship. You can read the full blog post here: Verizon Psionix Partnership

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