Rocket League: Season 2 Complete Guide

It’s almost time for Rocket League Season 2! With a New Rocket Pass, Competitive Season, and more… Here’s everything you need to know for the upcoming season.

With Rocket League now free-to-play, Psyonix have doubled down on bringing loads of new content to their vehicular-based sports title. Similar to free-to-play games like Fortnite and Warzone, Rocket League is doing this in a seasonal format.

Season 2, the next big content update for Rocket League is just around the corner and here’s absolutely everything you need to know ahead of launch.

Rocket League Season 2 Launches December 9

You read that right! It’s not too far away. Rocket League Season 2 is launching December 9 and will run until March 31.

Rocket League Season 2
Credit: Psyonix

During this period, there will be four Challenge Stages for players to get stuck into. Each of these will have new Weekly Challenges and Season Challenges for players to complete in order to unlock free cosmetic and customisation items.

Stage One

Stage One will run from December 9 to January 5.

Stage Two

Stage Two will begin January 6, and run until February 2.

Stage Three

Stage Three will start the day after, February 3, and finish March 2.

Stage Four

Stage four will run from March 2 until the end of Season 2, March 31.

Player Anthems Are Another Way To Show Off

New to Season 2, Player Anthems are select songs that Rocket League players can equip before they jump into a match. When they score, pull off an Epic Save, or get awarded the MVP, the Player Anthem will play through the stadium.

Rocket League Season 2
Credit: Psyonix

Player Anthems are coming to Rocket League through challenges, Rocket Pass Tiers, and the Item Shop. For now, Psyonix are giving players 5 free tracks to show off the feature. They are…

Angel Wings by Mike Ault ft. Avianna Acid;

Flying Forever by Mike Ault ft. Morgan Perry;

I Cab Be by Mike Ault ft. Crysta;

Love Thru The Night by Mike Ault;

We Speak Chinese by Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival.

Player Anthems will have rarity like any item and Kaskade has developed music exclusively for these! You can find them on Monstercat.

New Rocket Pass, New Rocket League Stuff

Much like any new season of Rocket League, Season 2 has a lot of new content coming through it’s Rocket Pass.

The R3MX is the newest vehicle you’ll unlock, Tier 1 of the Premium Rocket Pass. Throughout, you’ll also unlock new vehicle skins for the R3MX, amongst other cosmetic rewards. These include Boost Trails, Antennae, Wheels, and more!

In the Free Rocket Pass, players can expect to earn Loot Crates primarily. However, there are a few free cosmetic rewards too!

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Premium Rocket Pass players can also go above and beyond the end of the Rocket Pass to earn special versions of the items they’ve earnt. What’s even better is that all of these bonus items will be tradable!

Tournaments Have Also Been Revamped

Rocket League Season 2 is bringing their Tournaments feature to the forefront with a complete overhaul that’s being continually developed.

Through this, players will be able to sign up for Competitive Tournaments and compete for glory in ranked games. These might be 3v3 for now, but Psyonix are hoping to open it up to cater for the other modes. They’re all single-elimination brackets based on skill, with the Semi-Finals and finals being a Bo3 face-off.

Rocket League Season 2
Credit: Psyonix

This season, improvements are continuing to be made and new items have been added to Competitive Tournaments rewards. So, now’s the perfect time to get stuck in!

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