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Rogue Company: First Impressions of the New Hi-Rez Shooter

Rogue Company is the latest title coming out from Hi-Rez Studios and FirstWatch Games. This over the shoulder shooter is in a closed-beta so these impressions are based off of an unfinished game.


If you are lucky enough to earn yourself a key drop for Rogue Company, you get to take part in the closed beta for an exciting new shooter title. Rogue Company brings in elements from other classic games and meshes them together in a great way. Put into a four vs. four matchup players choose a Rogue, buy equipment and head out into battle. Each Rogue has different abilities, weapons and utility. At the start of each round, players buy upgrades for their weapons, grenades or perks to give them an edge in battle.

Currently their are two game modes, Demolition and Strikeout. Demolition is the classic search and destroy while Strikeout is more complex and more interesting. In this mode, players start the round with a set pool of lives, the objective is to eliminate the enemy while also controlling a center point. Every time the point is held for the full duration, the enemy team loses an extra life. If a team has no lives left, holding the point will give the controlling team a round win. Like the other mode, players buy abilities and utility at the beginning of the round.

Rogue Company


Rogue Company features a diverse cast of fighters, each with their own unique abilities and look. Currently there are 13 Rouges in the game. You can unlock the Rogues by playing and earning reputation, buying them with in game currency or they are included in more expensive versions of the game.

While each Rogue is different, there aren’t major advantages or disadvantages to each one. The balance between Rogues feels consistent and while there are differences, no one Rogue reigns supreme and no one Rogue is terrible. My current favorite is Dallas.

Rogue Company


The combat in Rogue Company feels fluid. The gun play is consistent and the over the shoulder POV is reminiscent of Gears of War. The movement around terrain is seamless with mantles and dodge rolls fitting perfectly for the pace of the game. It is incredibly easy to pick up the game and start fighting. Hit markers are satisfying, especially the *ping* of a well placed headshot. The ability to revive downed teammates is another element that keeps the game going. However, most of the time you will bleed out. The pace of the game is too fast to set aside five seconds for a revive.

As the game progresses you become stronger with the upgraded equipment and more perks you are able to buy. The weapon upgrades aren’t crucial to the game but you will definitely notice the difference. Even if you are fully upgraded, the enemy most likely will be too.

Rogue Company, in my opinion, is a spiritual successor to the golden age of the Gears of War franchise. While it isn’t too similar in many aspects the gun play, movement, objectives and features of this game to feel reminiscent of the first three games of that saga. I believe that while Rogue Company is still only in beta, it has a great potential to become a top game after its release.

To get Rogue Company, you can watch streams with Key Drops enabled, or when it is released, purchase it here! For more reviews an gaming news check our Twitter


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