RuneScape Player Avatar Being Updated For First Time in 8 Years

RuneScape Player Avatar

This year marks RuneScape’s 20th year anniversary and plenty of content is expected this year, including the addition of the Elder God Wars Dungeon, which is an upcoming storyline that will be released over a period of a year, starting with the recently released quest, Azzanadra’s Quest, and the Runescape Player Avatar update.

The “Player Avatar Refresh” project may not have major effects on the gameplay itself, it’s rather significant as an update to the player avatar has been requested frequently, and it hasn’t received an update in 8 years.

RuneScape Player Avatar
Credit: Jagex

Jagex has recently released a RuneScape Content Showcase, which features the development process for the Player Avatar. Since the avatar creation is the first thing a new player does when starting their adventure in RuneScape, it’s a rather important update.

This is also important in bringing the game to modern standards, as even recent NPCs have had more detailed and higher-quality designs and models than the player avatar.

RuneScape Player Avatar
Credit: Jagex

Not to get all soppy, but we want you to feel like this upgrade has reinforced that ‘magic connection’ between you and your avatar, and in a way that feels as though the spirit of the character you’ve created has been retained.

To put a finer point on it, we’ll be delivering:

– Refreshed Masculine and Feminine base avatars
– 16 Masculine and Feminine outfits
– 62 hairstyles
– 18 Facial Hair Styles
Once the project goes live, all future cosmetics will be based on this new look. But don’t panic! You’ll still be able to use all the cosmetics you’ve collected so far at their original fidelity.

RuneScape Player Avatar
Credit: Jagex

They are currently in the proof of concept stage. Although the update seems simple and straightforward, there are a lot of considerations to take into account, such as breaking animations and how the new and old meshes can be combined.

There is currently no release date announced for RuneScape’s Player Avatar update, and Jagex has stated they will not announce it unless they are positive that they can deliver on its quality and are sure that there won’t be any delays.

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