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Santorin Verbally Agrees to One-Year Contract With Team Liquid

One of the most highly sought-after NA junglers has found his next home.

Amid reports made by Travis Gifford, Santorin has verbally agreed on a one-year contract with Team Liquid to be their starting jungler for the 2021 LCS season.

The news comes after rumors spread of TL possibly approaching Santorin to man the jungle in place of Broxah, but since he wasn’t allowed to explore his options for 2021 due to his contract expiring on November 16, talks about his future were temporarily stalled. But with Worlds fully over and the clock quickly approaching the start of free agency, actual dialogue was made from then on.

TL’s move of acquiring Santorin follows after they reached agreements with both Barney “Alphari” Morris and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen to multi-million dollar deals. He joins an already stacked roster that boasts clear experience, youthful vibrancy, and definite championship pedigree.

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Following the LCS Summer Split in which they finished first in the regular season, TL received individual recognition by way of Edward “Tactical” Ra winning the Rookie of the Year award, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in winning Split MVP, head coach Joshua “Jatt” Leesman winning Coach of the Split, and every player except for their jungler receiving an All-Pro Team nod.

With Santorin’s arrival, TL’s 2021 LCS starting roster is as follows:

Top lane: Alphari
Jungle: Santorin
Mid lane: Jensen
AD Carry: Tactical
Support: CoreJJ

Santorin was an integral part of FlyQuest’s radical upswing to the top of the LCS throughout the year. Aided by his contribution–which led to him garnering two LCS All-Pro team selections–FlyQuest finished second overall in both the spring and summer splits, with the latter half coming tantalizingly close to victory as they lost to TSM in a narrow five-game series. Even so, FlyQuest secured a trip to the 2020 World Championship, the first time in the organization’s history.

For Santorin, he returned to Worlds after a gap of five years (TSM 2015). In the meantime, Santorin underwent a turbulent period in which he played for five teams (Huma, Ember, NRG, Gold Coin United, and H2K) spanning across two regions. Nevertheless, it was after joining FlyQuest that Santorin steered his course and enjoyed a renaissance to his then-unfledged career. Now, as further confirmation for his resurgence, he will man the jungle for one of North America’s best teams.

“I’m almost certain we blew away all expectations and kept showing higher heights when everyone expected us to hit a ceiling,” Santorin said in a TwitLonger post that reminisced this past year. “There’s definitely a lot of things to take away from [Worlds] and it gives me even more motivation for the next years to come.”

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