Gamezo publishes reviews to give our readers an insight into whether they will enjoy the game before they spend their hard-earned cash purchasing it.

With that said, it is crucial to understand that we always aim to be as objective as humanly possible. Our critics are continually checking themselves as they work on reviews. They are trained to ask themselves whether something is positive because it fits what they like, or if it’s because it would be enjoyable to a broader audience. The same is said for negative critiques.

Every review published to Gamezo will disclose the following information.

  1. What platform the game was tested on.
  2. How many hours the critic spent playing the game in question.
  3. Whether or not a copy of the game was provided to Gamezo by the publisher.

Are you a publisher or indie game dev? We’re always looking for new games to critique. Send our editor an email containing a trailer and a few paragraphs about your game. You can find his contact information below.

Paul Tuthill

10 – Stellar

If a game or peripheral hit a 10, we are telling you there is a strong reason to purchase it. This is the pinnacle of gaming and/or hardware, and we cannot recommend it enough. This score is typically reserved for games or hardware that are of the highest quality. A great example of a game that would receive a Stellar review is The Last of Us.

9-9.9 – Amazing

Amazing games and hardware are highly recommended. These titles or pieces of hardware impressed us greatly. Something rated as amazing either does something new excellently or reinvents something old in a way that keeps us thinking about it. Resident Evil 2 is a perfect example of an Amazing game.

8-8.9 – Great

Games and hardware that score Great have left an impression on us. These games and hardware normally do something unique very well. Whether something like The ButtKicker Gamer can enhance gameplay through haptic feedback, or the ambition of The Outer Worlds, an impression was made. Even if there are negatives, they are heavily outweighed by the positives. Examples include The ButtKicker Gamer 2 and The Outer Worlds.

7-7.9 – Good

A Good game is one that is fun and worth playing. Similarly, a good piece of hardware is worth buying. It may not be the best, but it does what it does well. If there are any flaws in the game or hardware, they are usually equally balanced by a positive trade-off. An example of a Good game is FIFA 2020.

6-6.9 – Okay

“Okay” does not mean not good; it just means there are some caveats about the recommendation. Despite any flaws, there is something good in there for the right person. This category is very much where we recommend you use discretion. The perfect example of an Okay game is Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

5-5.9 – Mediocre

If we can’t recommend spending your time or money on something, but it may still be redeemable to a select few, we will rate it Mediocre. If you need to pass the time, or you don’t care at the price point, feel free to take a shot. The ubiquitous Mediocre game is Fallout 76.

4-4.9 – Bad

Please do not buy it. We have saved you some time and money by playing around with it. Even if there are some positives, the negatives outnumber those by the many. This category is the beginning of the firm “Do Not Recommend” area of reviews. Aliens: Colonial Marines comes to mind when thinking about Bad games.

3-3.9 – Awful

Wow, I can’t believe we made a writer finish this review. Early on, it was apparent how bad it was, but they soldiered on so that you, our reader, would not get hosed.

2-2.9 – Painful

This thing is a train wreck in slow motion. Someone signed off for the release after quality assurance thinking they would keep their job.

1-1.9 – Unbearable

This is the level of bad that generates a new wave of memes.

0-0.9 – Why?

Seriously, why? Why did a company, or any group of civilized humans, think this was an okay idea?