Sea of Thieves Season 2 has Arrived

Sea Of Thieves Season 2

The new pirating season has arrived! There’s a lot of new events, loot, commendations, and updates awaiting us on the sea of thieves for the next few months. And whether you are an experienced pirate or a fresh sailor, Sea Of Thieves season 2 offers a fun time for everyone!

Trading company upgrades

In Sea of Thieves Season 2, you are finally able to purchase all kinds of storage crates from the Merchant. These include regular storage crates, cannonball crates, wood plank crates, and fruit crates.

This is a feature long-awaited from the community and it will speed up your looting process. You can also buy crates that you usually redeem to merchants after a successful voyage, and that is a new feature called commodity market, which means you can check the supply and demand of those crates across different outposts and trade them like stocks!

There are also new emissary ledger rewards. If before you could earn themed sails for performing well as an emissary, this time around you can earn a cosmetic for each part of your ship (including the sails if you haven’t earned them yet) from each trading company in the world. As for Pirate Legends, emissaries of the Athena’s Fortune will be able to earn new weapons as their ledger reward!

Sea Of Thieves Emissary ledger rewards
Credit: Sea of Thieves

Fort of Fortune

There’s a new Fort now in the sea of thieves as a world event: Fort Of Fortune. Visually reminding an old Ashen Fort, this is a new and rare type of fort that randomly appears in the Sea of Thieves. They do not replace classic forts as Fort Of Fortune is a fearsome new challenge with guaranteed Athena’s Fortune rewards. So now there is a new way to earn a reputation as a Pirate Legend.

Also, a little update to the skeleton captains you will meet on your other adventures – now they will drop gold bags so you can get a little more from your work as a pirate (i know that pirate and work don’t really go together)

Sea of Thieves Fort Of Fortune
Credit: Sea of Thieves

Plunder Pass and the Pirate Emporium

As always, the 100 level battle pass returns and as usual is free for all players! You level it up by just playing the game or completing certain deeds and trials to help you progress faster. This season is Ocean Deep themed and includes “fishy” cosmetics, Frozen Ashes weapons, and Lucky Hand (for card lovers) clothing. There are 2 items exclusive to Pirate Legends: an Athena version of an Ashen hull and a red Athena cutlass.

If you are willing to spend some of your own coins, the plunder pass is still an option to purchase with 11 cosmetic items scattered across the pass. But it is important to remember that those cosmetics are exclusive to the Plunder Pass only for the duration of the season. After the season ends, they will be available at the Pirate Emporium as a separate purchase.

Speaking of pirate emporium, there are new bundles and cosmetics to purchase as well as a free emote to obtain. And if you ever wanted to become a skeleton lord, there’s a great Dark Warsmith Costume!

Dark Warsmith costume
Screenshot from the Pirate Emporium

And if you have been away from the seas for the last while and want to get back to the pirate’s life, completing the Maiden Voyage (the tutorial mission) will also contribute towards the progression of your 100 tiers of the season and earn you renown!

It is time to set sail and embark on new adventures and voyages on the Sea Of Thieves! Enjoy this piece? Don’t forget to share this post. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest gaming and esports news straight to your feed.