Sentinels Field TenZ for VCT: Masters 1

Sentinels have announced this Thursday that Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo will be linking up with the team for the entirety of VCT: Masters 1 as Jay ‘Sinatra’ Won is suspended from play while Riot Games and Sentinels investigate the accusations of him sexually assaulting a former partner.

On the verge of the start of their campaign at the VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters 1 North America, Sentinels found a last-minute replacement in TenZ, which has been linked to Cloud9 since the inception of his career in VALORANT.

After nine months playing at the highest level, TenZ put his career on a halt, transitioning over to streaming citing the constant pressure deriving from competitive play.

Now, having spent two months on the bench, the player will return for the entire duration of one of the most stacked events in his region.

Sentinels were only able to make this acquisition thanks to a Riot approved to the roster lock rule currently put in place. As TenZ was still contractually linked to Cloud9, Sentinels were forced to buy him out of that contract and provide him with a new one that will last at least until the end of the upcoming VCT event.

With the addition of TenZ, Sentinels will have very little time to adapt to any new changes in their agent selection, as the Canadian player has been traditionally linked to Jett and Sova, agents that are frequently selected by their In-Game Leader Shahzeeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan.

Sentinels will debut the squad tomorrow, going up against Luminosity on their opening match at the first Masters Series event of the 2021 Riot Games’ competitive circuit.

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