Sentinels win PAX Arena Invitational

The VALORANT Ignition series continued with the PAX Arena Invitational. This past weekend, the top NA teams battled with Sentinels, coming out on top with a 3-1 win over Cloud9 in the finals. They took out tournament favorite TSM in a 2-0 in the semi-finals. 

The roster of Shahzam, Sinatraa, Sick, Dapr, and Zombs took the opening map in the finals on Ascent, then lost 13-6 on Haven before closing the series out 13-11 and 13-7 on Bind and Split. Sick topped the leaderboard on the final two maps, with an average combat score of 265 and 312 while on Sage. 

He stuck with the Sage throughout the whole best of five. The rest of the roster showed Sova, Breach, Omen, Cypher, Brimstone, Phoenix and Jett. Viper and Reyna were the only agents not played in the grand finals by either team. 

Overall, it was a very chaotic tournament. At this point, plenty of top NA pro teams have played against each other, brewing rivalries and creating expectations for the future. It is too early to say there is a definitive best team in the game, but Sentinels surely showed up big time this weekend. 

Cloud9 has seen some struggles and some triumphs throughout the game’s early days. They certainly found their footing at the PAX Arena Invitational, making the finals and only losing to Sentinels throughout the tournament. They also made the finals at the Pulse Invitational on July 12 where they fell to Gen.G.

The next VALORANT Ignition Series event will put the Europeans at the front and center with the Mandatory x Ignition event starting this Friday, July 31.