Shroud Twitch Return: It’s About Time!

Finally, it has been announced. The Shroud Twitch return a few people have been talking about is upon us at last. He broke the news via Twitter earlier today.

Alright, so Mixer closed a little while ago now. Well, not that long ago, but lockdown time makes a week feel like a month. To be fair, in the streaming industry, a week is a month! Things happen fast, and a lot. Recently, we’ve seen Venn start and G4TV announce a comeback. The Doc has also started streaming again! Now, it seems that another huge name is returning to the game…

Shroud Twitch Return
There were rumours he was going to become a Valorant Pro… But, I guess not.

Shroud is coming back to Twitch! (*Fan rejoicing*)

Shroud Twitch Return Was Teased For A Few Days

For the last couple of days, Shroud has been Tweeting GIFs from the following clip, so an announcement of some kind wasn’t out of the blue entirely…

Now, I know Shroud is primarily an FPS Streamer… But his announcement clip was a little weird. It was a breakdown, but also a reconstruction, of an assault rifle… Mixed in with gameplay clips of Shroud doing various spectacular feats of digital killing. Sure, the montage of his clips is fine and dandy but… It all seemed a little strange to me. 

Either way, that doesn’t matter. The fans seemed to enjoy his announcement. TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, and Benjyfishy all tweeted in support of the decision. Below are a few of the responses:

I mean… Yeah? I guess it is the same energy.

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