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Skybox and LogitechG Partner Up to Develop CS:GO Scene in Peru

In what is an unhackneyed partnership, Skybox and LogitechG will join forces to power up upcoming events in Peru, in the hopes to strengthen the CS:GO scene in that region.

This move is directed by Juan ‘Bass_Knockin’ Yépez, a renowned CS:GO and Valorant caster hailing from Peru, which has been sponsored by Logitech G in the past.

The Swiss-American manufacturer Logitech has made plenty of appearances on esports events before, but the company known for its peripherals and software had never collaborated before to bolster directly the esports scene in a specific region.

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Developed as a tool for esports visualization, monitoring and analysis, Skybox has been founded by Anders Blume, a long time commentator for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The software aims to improve heavily on the bulky and slow demo viewer that comes in-built on CS:GO, allowing analysts and coaches a more fluid and easy replay of matches.

While Skybox is still on early access, it has made some appearances on the analyst desk of a number of events, with a number of payment options distributed by players, teams and tournament organisers.

With the success of Brazilian teams on the big stage, there has been a surge of interest in exploring what has been a largely untapped region. Just two weeks ago, the Argentinian football giant Boca Juniors announced its entry into CS:GO, imitating the esports debut of their local rivals at River Plate.

While the specific events powered by this partnership between Skybox and LogitechG are yet to be announced, this development means good news for the fans of Latin American Counter-Strike.

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