Sony Announces Six New Games For the PS VR

The PlayStation VR has found some wind in its sails recently, after last month’s announcement that Sony would be making a new series of PS VR headsets. This new series would be powered by the PS5 and would aim to address several complaints that users had with the original PSVR, including the resolution, field of view, and the exceptional amount of cable clutter coming from the headset.

The hot streak for PS VR continues after Sony announces six new games that are heading to the system. As detailed by Sony in the PS VR Spotlight blog post, not all of these six games are brand new announcements, but each of them looks very promising.

Although a new headset is on the way, not many concrete details about it have been revealed, including the release date. Given that information, it’s a pretty safe bet that these games will be playable on the original PS VR, with an upgrade coming later on.

Doom 3 VR

Arguably the heaviest hitter on the list takes us to back to Mars, with Doom 3 VR. This is set to be the second Doom game for VR, following Doom VFR, which launched for Steam and PS VR back in 2017. It does not look to be a remake or a remaster, but instead, a direct port reworked for VR.

Being the scariest Doom game, this entry should be a treat, considering how well horror tends to work in VR. Doom 3 VR is the only game out of the new lineup that has a release date, and it’s set to release later this month, on March 29th.

After the Fall

Although it was revealed back in September 2019, After the Fall got an all-new cinematic trailer giving players a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming title. After the Fall is coming from the creators of Arizona Sunshine, another zombie VR game.

The two games appear to be quite different, though. Arizona Sunshine takes place in the blazing heat, while After the Fall is all about the freezing cold of an apparent nuclear winter. After the Fall is also a co-op game, while Arizona Sunshine was only a single player. It looks fun if you can round up a few other friends with VR headsets.


Zenith is an ambitious looking MMO with a very anime art style. While the trailer focused a lot on the beautiful environments and sprawling cities that the game has to offer, the short glimpse of combat they showed off looked pretty solid.

The melee combat looked pretty fast and fluid, while the spell-slinging magic combat seemed almost reminiscent of Spellbreak. On top of that, the game seems to have a pretty in-depth traversal system involving both flying and climbing. Fortunately for those that are interested, Zenith also got a detailed blog post discussing some design concepts.

I Expect You To Die 2

The sequel to the award winning I Expect You To Die is another game from the PS VR Spotlight. It appears to be another action-puzzler escape room game, just like the first. The trailer for this one was fairly short, and even the blog post is not very forthcoming with details, but they hint that there might be a few hidden details for especially observant sleuths.


From the makers of Phantom: Covert Ops comes Fracked, a thrilling VR take on eco-terrorism. Phantom: Covert Ops was unique for its traversal mechanic, being that the whole game took place in a kayak. Walking is not always the most intuitive experience in VR and Phantom: Covert Ops had a novel and interesting solution to that.

Fracked appears to be the same way, and while some of the game will be on foot, much of the game appears to take place while rock climbing, on zip lines, or skiing. All of these are clever ways to approach movement in a VR game, and if Fracked is anything like Phantom: Covert Ops, it will probably be a hit.

Song in the Smoke

Song in the Smoke is the last title from the PS VR Spotlight, and it is arguably the most unique of the bunch. As a survival game, Song in the Smoke will have players handcrafting weapons, hunting, and cooking their own food, all done via motion controls. The game also seems to have some exploration to it, and the vast wilderness shown in the trailer looks to be familiar, yet otherworldly.

Where it gets interesting, though, is beyond the survival elements, where the game transcends physical bounds and moves towards the spiritual. Towering animal skeletons, yetis, anthropomorphic ghosts, and monuments fracturing into pieces of the cosmos all hint at a game far more interesting than just a standard survival game in VR.

Which of these games look the best to you? Will you be getting a PS VR after these announcements? Let us know in the comments below.

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