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Sources: Perkz to Join Cloud9 With An Astonishing $5M Buyout

One of the best European mid laners ever is flying across the pond for the greener pastures of the LCS.

According to sources telling Jacob Wolf, Luka “Perkz” Perkovic has verbally agreed to a commitment to play for Cloud9 in 2021.

The news bring an end to one of the heavily scrutinized episodes in this offseason. Barring any prominent obstacles, the deal will be finalized on November 16 at 7 p.m. ET.

Rumors have circulated over Perkz’ fate since his participation in the 2020 World Championship in which he finished in the semi-finals with G2 Esports. Amid reports of seeking a larger sum of money than what he was receiving with G2, Perkz had been conversing with multiple teams across North America and Europe for his services next year.

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In some instances, Perkz had been close to reaching an agreement despite his buyout standing at approximately $5 million. Other times, there were murmurs of his affiliation with G2’s own rivals. Unfortunately for him, nothing fully materialized beyond the rumor mill–until now.

Perkz joins a Cloud9 roster who had faltered spectacularly by missing out on Worlds completely after winning the LCS Spring Split with a near-perfect 17-1 regular-season record. Though C9’s CEO Jack Etienne previously announced that the team would stay together for 2021 in light of their failure, they saw Perkz’s availability as too enticing to ignore.

Cloud9 Perkz
Courtesy of Riot Games

The Croatian mid laner possesses a rare versatility in the rift as he switched positions between the mid and bottom lane for the past two seasons to accommodate his teammate Rasmus “Caps” Winther. Perkz briefly returned to his natural position in spring of this year before moving back to the ADC role for the summer. With his addition to the NA organization, it is presumed that he will return to his natural role in mid.

Perkz had been one of the mainstays of the European League scene, debuting for what was then Gamers2 in early 2015 and stayed there until this year. He experienced all that there was to offer within Europe, securing promotion to the EU LCS in summer 2015, winning in his a record eight times, and attaining glory on the international level (MSI 2019).

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