Standalone Switch Joy-Con Could Be On The Way?

Recently, a new Nintendo patent has been uncovered that would suggest the development of a standalone Switch Joy-Con. Is this related to the news that a “Nintendo Switch Pro” could be coming?

Are the drifting issues finally going to be a thing of the past? A new patent has been discovered which appears to suggest that standalone Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are on the way!

Originally filed in May 2018, the patent was registered in April of this year. There are also a number of images which look pretty Joy-Con-like, but they don’t seem to be Joy-Cons that would attach to an existing Nintendo Switch console. With rounded edges, these Joy-Cons appear to be standalone devices. 

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The button layout they feature is largely the same. The joystick, directional buttons, and bumpers are all there. However, they don’t feature the plus and minus buttons anymore. These, on Switch consoles, perform two functions. They act as “pause” and “options” buttons, while also being an indicator of which side of the Switch the Joy-Cons fit. It’s hard to imagine that they’ll be removed completely given that having a “pause” button is fairly important.

Standalone Switch Joy-Cons To Come With TV-Only Switch Pro?

There are a lot of rumours circulating about the “Nintendo Switch Pro” console rumoured to be in development. Mainly, these rumours suggest that this updated version of the console will essentially be the opposite of the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’ll be more powerful, with better graphical output, however… It won’t be portable at all. There are a lot of people who use their Nintendo Switch exclusively as a stationary console already, so would this even be a bad idea? With this in mind, a standalone Switch Joy-Con seems like it could be on the way.

If it is true, then the “Nintendo Switch Pro” would need Joy-Cons and controllers. These rounded-off standalone Switch Joy-Cons could be a vital clue in confirming this. 

Standalone Switch Joy-Con
Would you buy a “Nintendo Switch Pro”?

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