Star Conflict: The Curse Of The Leviathan Coming With 1.7.4 Update

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment are bringing another update to Star Conflict, The Curse of the Leviathan! This will bring a new, infected, sector to Star Conflict alongside the new Plague Doctor Spaceship.

Star Conflict, Star Gem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s massive multiplayer online space simulator, is getting another major content update just in time for Halloween! The Curse of the Leviathan content update adds mystery and intrigue in the form of ancient technology and plagued ships. There’s a new ship, a limited-time event brawl, and a whole lot more to get stuck into.

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Star Conflict‘s Curse of the Leviathan brawls will take place inside the “catacombs of Leviathan.” Leviathan is a giant alien space station full of new technology and dangerous encounters. This Brawl will play out like a game of infected, in a way. One player becomes infected at the start and spreads their virus to others while they try and defend themselves. Seems simple enough right?

The update also comes with a mysterious new ship that will prove to complicate things for players. The Plague Doctor meticulously hunts infected ships, destroying them on sight. However, their acts to cleanse the stars come at a price as they also inadvertently infect healthy ships on the way.

Star Conflict: The Curse Of The Leviathan
Credit: Star Gem Inc.

The Curse of the Leviathan Brawl is available until November 16th. To read more? Check out the official Star Conflict website here: Curse Of The Leviathan

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