Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos – It Isn’t All About New Characters

Yesterday, we got another look at EA Motive’s new Star Wars title, but what about all the Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos? We may know about Princess Leia, but the footage was jam-packed with pre-established Star Wars Characters.

Star Wars: Squadrons is being pitched as the perfect game to fit snugly between the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy. It follows the efforts of the New Republic against a shattered Empire through the lens of two rival starfighter squads. This all means that we’re bound to see a few characters we recognise amongst the new faces. Here’s everyone we’ve seen so far! 

Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos

Leia Narrates The First Part Of The Single Player Preview

Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos
An icon of Science Fiction, and Film, Leia makes another appearance to inspire players

The Princess-turned-General offers an inspiring voice-over or the first part of the video. She helps explain where Star Wars: Squadrons sits in the Star Wars timeline. 

Canonically, Leia proved instrumental in the founding of a renewed galaxy-wide governing system. The Battle of Endor did not mark the end of the Galactic Civil War and Star Wars: Squadrons fits into the tumultuous period between that and the formation of the New Republic. Leia’s hands-on approach with this conflict made her integral to the Rebel Alliance’s successes and subsequent transformation. 

Rae Sloane Commands The Remaining Imperial Forces

Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos
A face we’ve never seen before, Rae Sloane becomes a dominant force in Post-Endor Imperial Leadership

Rae Sloane may not be a name you’ve heard before, but she has cemented herself in Star Wars lore as a fierce leader with more resolve and determination than her peers. She served as an Imperial Star Destroyer Captain before ascending to Grand Admiral during the Empire’s dying months. She served as the face for The Empire, without The Emperor, and is one of the few reasons why the Empire lasted so long after the Battle of Endor. 

She features heavily in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath novel series, and crosses paths with Phoenix Squad throughout John Jackson Miller’s New Dawn. As an Admiral, you may not see a lot of her but when you do… You’ll know it’s important.

Ace Pilot Wedge Antilles Proves Vital To The New Republic

Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos
Antilles alongside Vanguard Commander Lindon Javes, a new addition.

Lawson’s Wedge Antilles has time-and-time again proven himself to be a fan favorite amongst the Rebellion. He served in the Imperial Navy for a time before defecting to the Rebel Alliance and is undoubtedly one of the best starfighter pilots in the Star Wars universe. He, and his tail gunner Wes Janson, were the first to successfully fell an AT-AT at the Battle of Hoth. 

From then on, Wedge has featured heavily as an integral member of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. After the signing of the Galactic Concordance, he retired into an instructing role. Here he helped train both Temmin “Snap” Wexley and Poe Dameron, stars of the Resistance. I can imagine you will brush shoulders with him, and maybe others like Norra Wexley, throughout.

Hera Syndulla Isn’t Out Of The Fight Yet

Star Wars: Squadrons Cameos
Realistic Hera is something we need more of.

Finally, we get to see the legendary Hera Syndulla. She led a rebellion on Lothal as the leader of Phoenix Squad and then took this fight further afield. She became Phoenix Leader and rose to the rank of General prior to the Battle of Endor. Her leadership in this conflict cemented her in legend. She is easily one of the best pilots in the galaxy. 

She may not be your commander in Star Wars: Squadrons, that command belongs to Lindon Javes, I can imagine she will make an appearance or two throughout. 

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