Star Wars Squadrons: Fostar Haven Map Added In Free Content Drop

In Star Wars Squadrons, Fostar Haven has been added alongside additional fighters and cosmetics in a free content update for the Star Wars flight-simulator title from EA Motive. Here’s everything we know.

Despite EA Motive stating that Star Wars Squadrons was a complete package, fans of the title will be glad to know that that was a filthy lie. In the latest content update, Squadrons has recieved a multiplayer map based on Fostar Haven alongside two new ships, cosmetic items, and Custom Matches.

The TIE Defender and the B-Wing, both ships that made appearances in Star Wars Rebels have been added to the title. The B-Wing is known for it’s high-damage output and it’s small attack profile. Meanwhile, the Tie Defender is feared for it’s agility and Shield Capabilities… Something other Imperial fighters are lacking.

Squadrons Fostar Haven
Credit: EA Motive

These two new starfighters are joined by additional ship, and Pilot, cosmetics to help you further customise your loadout. There’s also a few new components to change up the fight even further. Be sure to check out the video in the Tweet below:

Fostar Haven Has Already Appeared In Squadrons

If you’ve given the single-player story mode a go, you may recognise the name Fostar Haven.

At the start of Squadron‘s campaign, Helix Squadron are sent to Fostar Haven in search of Alderaanian refugee vessels. As an Imperial Pilot, you fly under the command of Lindon Javes and soon root out your target.

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However, Lindon Javes objects to the Empire’s militant action against these potential civilians and joins the Rebel Alliance’s rescue efforts. His betrayal is the catalyst for much of the rivalry between the Imperial Titan Squadron and the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron.

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Fostar Haven joining Squadrons is just one part of the incredible FREE content update. Are you going to jump back into the cockpit?

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