Star Wars Squadrons: How To Destroy Star Destroyers

They are the bane of the Rebellion’s existence… and yours. But, here’s the basics on how to destroy Star Destroyers in Star Wars: Squadrons so you’re ready for whatever the Imperials throw at you!

Imperial Star Destroyers are a sight any Star Wars fan will know well. From the Clone Wars Era Venator-Class Destoryers, to the First Order’s Resurgent-Class Destroyers, the triangular Captial Ships haven’t changed in design all-that-much over the last few years.

In Star Wars: Squadrons, you’ll come up against quite a few Imperial Star Destroyers. Equipped with heavy shields and a whole load of Turbolasers, these vessels aren’t to be messed with. They provide a challenge both in Star Wars: Squadrons‘ campaign and in Fleet Battles.

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Thankfully, though, they’re not invincible. If you know what you’re aiming for, then the New Republic can make light work of them!

How To Destroy Star Destroyers in Star Wars: Squadrons? It’s A Step-By-Step Process

The first thing you’ll notice is the Imperial Star Destroyer is heavily shielded. Unless you’ve toggled it off, each Imperial Star Destroyer will have a circular health and shield gauge on it. The top half, often a green semi-circle, is the Star Destroyers’ shields.

Anything that deals a lot of damage will do here. Ion weapons work well at disabling enemy fighters, but you’ll want raw damage when you’re going up against an Imperial Star Destroyer. You can hit them anywhere to deal Shield Damage, but the under-side of the ship is the best place to be. There are less Turbolaser Turrets down there, for one.

Star Wars Squadrons: How To Destroy Star Destroyers
Credit: EA Motive

When the top half of the gauge is empty, the shields will go down. More often than not, there will be a commentary along the lines of “The shields have gone down!” So, don’t worry too much if you’re not paying attention to it all the time.

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Then, It’s On To The Sub-Systems

Once you’ve depleted the shields, you can get onto the real damage. The best place to start is to target the Shield Generators. On a Star Destroyer, they’re the two little ball-things on either side of the Bridge at the top.

If you’re not 100%, though, you can toggle your automatic targeting to focus on the different sub-systems! Just hold down the relevant input for the targeting wheel (LT/ L2/ 5) and then select Flagship Systems.

Star Wars Squadrons: How To Destroy Star Destroyers
Credit: EA Motive

If you don’t deal with the Shield Generators first, then you’ll find that the Star Destroyer will replenish their shields after a little while. This will mean that you have to start the whole process over, although damage is permanent, thankfully.

Once the shield generators are down, you can get to work on the other sub-systems to do some serious damage. The best advice is to move onto the Targeting Systems next. This will make the Star Destroyer’s Turbolasers a lot less effective. You can find this on top of the Star Destroyer, right in the middle of the main body. It’s well-protected, but worth the risk.

Star Wars Squadrons: How To Destroy Star Destroyers
Credit: EA Motive

Then, you need to go for the Power Systems that can be found underneath the Star Destroyer. Once you take this out, weak points will appear on the Star Destroyer. They look like small openings with electricity sparking. Hit them to deal massive amounts of damage.

Other Tips To Beat Star Destroyers

First things first. Always keep an eye on your shields. If you’re making a bombing run, make sure you’re diverting power to your shields and keeping them forward-facing. Turbolasers are no joke and you won’t survive very long without this.

Also, make sure you’re not hitting the same place all at once! As you begin to destroy the Star Destroyer, parts of it’s grey exterior will begin to burn-up and turn black. When this happens, that means this part of the Star Destroyer is fully damaged. Make sure you focus fire on a fresh spot to make the most out of your attack runs!

If you’re not playing as a Bomber, try to focus on the Turbolaser Turrets first. Although Fighters and Interceptors still deal a fair bit of damage to a Star Destroyer, Bombers are where it’s at. However, they’re slower than other ship classes and more vulnerable to Turbolaser fire. Destroying the Targeting Systems is a good plan, but be sure to take out a few Turbolasers too!

Another tip is to make sure you’re still taking on the enemy squadron. In Fleet Battles, the Star Destroyer is the end-game goal and ultimately the path to victory. However, it’s still important to take down the enemy squadron when you can. They’re more effective at killing you, after all, so the less time they spend flying at you… The better.

Credit: EA Motive

The final tip to keep in mind when attacking a Star Destroyer is to wait for the Corvette. When on the attack phase, a Corvette usually appears to give you a helping hand. They’re pretty slow, so they take a while to get into fighting distance. However, they deal a lot of damage to enemy fighters and draw a lot of attention. So, if you’re a Bomber, make sure you’re timing your attack runs when the Corvette is drawing the fire for a better chance at success.

This list isn’t an exhaustive strategy to take on an Imperial Star Destroyer, as there are many avenues. However, it should serve as a good basis if you’re new to Star Wars: Squadrons and need a helping hand! All these tips also apply to taking out a New Republic cruiser, they just look different.

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