Stardew Valley: How to Fish Beginner’s Guide

In Stardew Valley it can be a little bit hard to know the details about how to fish in the beginning. So here are some tips for you. 

Rod or Crab Pot

You can use either a rod or a crab pot to fish. Both can be bought at Willy’s Fish Shop at the Beach. The Crab Pot can also be crafted with 40 pieces of wood and 5 iron bars. 

The items for sale in the shop are of your appropriate skill level. So you won’t see the best fishing rods for quite some time. In Spring 2 of your first year, Willy will send a mail for the player. Be sure to read it, otherwise, you’ll have trouble getting into the Fish Shop. 

Stardew Valley Fish Shop

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The only fishing rods available at the beginning are the Bamboo Rod and the Training Rod. Neither can be used to attach bait or tackle. If you are having trouble to fish, the Training Rod is easier to use than other rods, but can only catch basic fish.

The crab pots can be put into the water with bait inside. After a day they will have caught some fish… or junk.

Stardew Valley Farm Pond

The Fishing Mini-Game

In Stardew Valley there is a fishing mini-game in which you have to keep the green bar behind the moving fish in order to catch it. Sometimes, the fish moves a lot, so it can be quite hard. 

Usually, a good tip is to use timed and gentle clicks. If you keep the button clicked for a long time or not at all, the bar will pass-though the fish and you can lose it.

Stardew Valley Fish Night

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The bar on the right side changes colours. Don’t let it to the red-colour bottom, otherwise, the fish will escape. 

Sometimes, a chest symbol will appear. To get the treasure, you have to keep the green bar behind it but it can be hard if the fish is on a completely different side. 

If you want to get it too, a good tip is to wait till the fish and the chest are close to each other or try to catch the fish till the right-sidebar is almost complete and then try to get the chest. The right-sidebar level will start to decrease, so you must be fast. Get the treasure and move quickly to the fish before you lose it too.

Stardew Valley Fishing

When to Fish in Stardew Valley

Some fish will only be available to fish in a specific season, time of day, weather or location. There are ocean, river and lake fish. Also, some fish can only be caught during night, or when it’s raining. 

Therefore, try to fish under many different conditions and always check the required fish to complete the Community Center.

Stardew Valley Community Center
Stardew Valley Community Center

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