Stardew Valley: How to Get Clay Easily

Stardew Valley Clay

In Stardew Valley, Clay is a resource used in some craftings and buildings. If you are having trouble finding it, here are some tips.

Clay can be found in many places, none of them for selling. One of the easiest places to find Clay is digging sand on the beach. Most times, when you dig it, you’ll get nothing. There fore, try to dig on the Artifact Spots.

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Stardew Valley Beach Clay

Artifact Spots in Stardew Valley, are tiles with three moving worms that you see now and then in the dirt or in the sand. It is guaranteed you’ll get an item from it when you dig it up with a Hoe. Depending on the location, there is a chance from 24% to 60% that you’ll receive Clay from it, whether it’s on the beach or not.

Stardew Valley Artifact Spot

When digging dirt you can get Clay too. However, the best dirt to dig for Clay is the one from the mines. You can get other things too there, so don’t just ignore the dirt.

In the mines, you can also gather some Geodes. They are primarily obtained by breaking rocks. If you take a Geode for Clint to process at his Blacksmith shop, on the other side of the river of Pelican Town, there is a chance that clay will come out of it. Clint will charge 25g for breaking each Geode but, if you have a Geode Crusher and one coal per geode, you can use it instead.

Stardew Valley Mines

Among the common Geode, the Frozen Geode, the Magma Geode and the Omni Geode, all of them have the same probability of having clay inside.

Also, strangely enough, you can also get clay as a present from Jas or Vincent during the Feast of the Winter Star.

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