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Streamer Banned For Shooting Guns While Drunk

This morning, Carl Riemer, YouTuber and Twitch streamer, was banned for shooting guns live on stream while intoxicated with alcohol

Carl is instantly shocked when the gun fires, saying: “I swear to god I emptied the mag”. While in the clip you can clearly see Carl empty the clip. This video was tweeted by the user cam834 and has gained over half a million views in less than 8hrs. A few hours later, Carl was suspended on Twitch. Currently, the length of the ban is unknown, but other streamers who have been banned for shooting guns on stream have been permanent.

streamer banned for shooting guns

Carl, who is a former Call of Duty trickshotter for FaZe Clan, left the organisation in August 2018 as they drifted further and further away from Call of Duty. Carl has since mentioned he has regretted leaving FaZe Clan and has since been trying to rejoin the organisation. SoaR Gaming, which Carl is currently part of, released a statement indicating that Carl is no longer a part of the organisation.

Carl’s Response On Being Banned

Since this incident, Carl has uploaded a video on YouTube and Twitter apologising to his followers for his actions while also praising SoaR Gaming for taking action so quickly. In this apology, he mentions that he’s sorry for putting other people’s lives in danger including his pets. Rumours that Carl and his fiancée Aliciya have split up due to this incident have also been put to rest with Aliciya defending him on Twitter with multiple tweets.

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