Streamer ‘Flights’ Joins T1 as Content Creator

Streamer Flights Joins T1

Popular streamer, Flights, who is well known for his innovative Raze plays on VALORANT joins global esports organization, T1, as a content creator. Thus, continuing the T1 expansion!

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Just a few months ago, the fated joining of T1 and infamous streamer, Tyler1 announced their partnership. Now, another content creator has joined the T1 squad.

Flights, with more than 450,000 YouTube subscribers, became famous from his ‘flying’ Raze plays in VALORANT. When you see a Raze guide, it’s likely his clips. He continues to stream on Twitch regularly and boast 156,000 followers. Not only does he have the role as a Content Creator in the company but as well as the head of VALORANT content.

Many times the streamer has been accused of cheating, however, he has proven with much credit that he clearly is just quite knowledgeable in using Raze. The streamer had his fair share of professional esports, but realized that he was more than capable in continuing his content creation career instead.

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They announced the association with a short animation combined with Flights’ infamous clips. Fans are looking forward to the content coming out of his participation in T1. Flights joins T1, what are you looking forward to see from them?

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