Twitch Streamer Gross Gore Banned From Platform

Twitch streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen has been banned from Twitch. He has also lost his partnership relations with the platform.

The official reasoning for the ban from Twitch is under “Adult Sexual Exploitation”. Ali Larsen’s initial reaction indicates that this situation was very unexpected.

Gross Gore’s initial reaction.

Later on he came forward with a response on Twitter, clarifying that this punishment is a mistake, and none of the accusations of Adult Exploitation weren’t true.

Gross Gore’s Responded.

On March 12, Gross Gore posted a photo to the r/RoastMe subreddit, then quickly deleted it, a couple of hours later after allegations of him being a “sexual predator” started to appear. A list of allegations was also combined into a document of everything that the streamer has been accused of over the years.

The punishment is also rumoured to be linked to this statement, made on March 13th by a Twitter user known as @EVEVE24. She came forward with a statement, claiming that he used his power to gain sexual favours from her.

EVEVE24’s statement.

With that being said, Gross Gore has decided to start streaming on YouTube until further notice.

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