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Streamer TFBlade Removed From League Partner Program

One of the many popular League of Legends streamers, Ashkan “TFBlade” Homayouni, has been terminated from the LPP (League of Legends Partner Program) until June 2021.

In addition, back in March 2020, TFBlade was put on a test period due to his toxic behavior in the past, something that Riot Games doesn’t tolerate. The period got extended to June and, as of now, he has been fully removed from the program.

TF Blade’s live reaction

As expected, TF Blade was outraged. He claims that he doesn’t mind being removed from the program but demands an explanation from Riot Games. He believes that his removal was invalid. TF Blade claims that Riot is accusing him for not changing his attitude and claims that he has clearly improved.

In addition to defending himself on a live broadcast, TF Blade went to Twitter to express his feelings and thoughts about his removal from the exclusive Riot Games program.

TF Blade’s direct response on Twitter
TF Blade, back in January
TF Blade back in January of 2020.

LPP – League of Legends Partner Program

League of Legends's logo for the Partner Program introduced back in 2018
LPP (League of Legends Partner Program)

The League Partner Program (LPP) focuses on popular content creators and community members. They obtain exclusive rewards for promoting League of Legends, including skins, giveaways and many other exclusive promotions.

Not only do they receive free in-game content but many members of the partner program also receive free invites to many events organized by Riot Games.

To learn more about the LPP, head over here.

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