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Suning Take Down JDG in the First Playoffs Upset

The second quarterfinals saw Suning take down JDG in an upset that caused the death of my otherwise perfect Pick’ems. LPL runner-ups, taking TES to five games while Suning got swept by them; the only reason why this wasn’t a complete surprise was due to them having never faced in a BO5 yet. But they lost to SN 1-3, albeit defending themselves much more than DRX did the day before.

JDG struck the first blow, which made me hopeful for my Pick’ems. For the most part, the game went between being even and slightly favoring Suning. It took two Barons, a Dragon Soul, and countless back and forth fights for the second seed to finally pull ahead and immediately take the win.

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Suning answered back in game 2, a very close 16-minute teamfight resulting in a massive gold lead them. And despite taking a small skirmish win in return, JDG got smashed in another confrontation as a simple consequence of the gold lead. A third teamfight ended the same way off the back of a memorable flanking Jhin ult from Suning… coming from JDG’s base. SN got away with a 26-minute win, and one kill a minute.

Right after they came out swinging, Suning took the lead in game 3 as soon as it began, with a double kill resulting in a level 1 Sheen for Gangplank. In other words, those few seconds meant a top lane that was definitely dead and impossible to play in or play around. On the other hand, SN played around their top side, and built themselves a 9 thousand gold lead by minute 20. They then somehow conceded 5 kills and a Baron, but even that was nowhere near enough to put JDG back in the game, and the win was theirs in 33 minutes.

Game 4 was the first one JDG achieved an early advantage in, accruing a full 4 thousand lead by minute 13, and growing it by another 2k over the following 5 minutes. Before throwing it all away. SN won fights, claimed a Dragon Soul, got a Baron buff, all the while still being behind in gold. From there on, one more teamfight was all it took for the comeback to be completed for Suning, alongside the series.

Suning take down JDG to advance to the Semifinals.

With this win, Suning will now move on to face Top Esports next Sunday, to decide which LPL team will advance to the Finals.

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