Super Nintendo World Announced to Open on February 4, 2021!

Universal Studios Japan has announced that Super Nintendo World will be opening finally on February 4, 2021!

The Twitter English translation of this tweet reads “Breaking news: New large-scale area “Super Nintendo World February 4th (Thursday) opening decision. Japan’s world-class world of Nintendo games, including “Mario Kart” realized with the latest technology, has become a reality. Campaign information that will win the prior experience will be posted later!!”

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The highly anticipated opening of Super Nintendo World has been delayed previously due to COVID-19, after this the opening date was slated for sometime in Spring 2021, so it’s a bit surprising that they’ve decided to go ahead and open it quite a bit sooner. Universal Studios Japan official YouTube channel has also posted a quick teaser for the park’s main attraction, the Mario Kart rollercoaster! Check it out down below!

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The Mario Kart rollercoaster is an AR experience that is supposed to make every kid’s (and adult’s) dream of playing Mario Kart in real life a reality. “During the race, guests can throw the swords they get from the item box to repel the enemy and will compete for first place with Mario and Princess Peach to advance in the course.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this earlier opening date goes considering there has yet to be any real solution to COVID-19, I’m curious to know what safety precautions they have put in place? I guess we’ll all find out on February 4, 2021!

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