T1 take out FaZe Clan in the VCT NA Open 2

In what may seem like a shock to some, T1 has eliminated FaZe Clan in a shocking result during the VCT NA Open 2, securing them a spot in the Week 2 Main Event.

In a rather dominant best of 3 series, FaZe Clan will not be attending VCT Stage 2 Masters. The first international VALORANT event next month.

VCT NA Open 2

Going into the series, FaZe Clan banned Haven and picked Bind, whilst T1 banned Ascent and picked Icebox, leaving split remaining as the third map.

Game 1: Icebox

The first game began with FaZe on defence and T1 on the attack; with FaZe picking up the opening two rounds. T1 went on to dominate the remainder of the game.

The second half was closer, with rounds going towards both sides. FaZe Clan came close to a comeback until round 20, where an eco defence round going the way of T1 thanks to a 1v2 Sheriff clutch Viper’s Pit.

Game 2: Bind

Game 2 was a complete blowout by FaZe Clan, taking the game 13-1, completely dismantling anything that T1 wanted to do. Most notably, BABYBAY took a 3k on round 12 with the Odin.

Game 3: Split

Going into game 3 it was all up on the table, the final map of the day for these teams and possibly the final map in any form of official competition until VCT Stage 3.

With FaZe Clan starting once again on the defensive side but this time not gaining a single round until round 3 after a fantastic 3v3 retake on the B site. The first half ended out with T1 and FaZe taking rounds from each other, with BABYBAY taking a 1v2, not giving DaZeD enough time to come and kill him. The first half ended at 6-6, the closest any map had been up to this point.

The second half never ended up as close as the first with T1 playing a very convincing defending side against this FaZe. Only dropping 3 rounds the entire half.

T1 was flawless during round 18, where a possible mistake between corey and Rawkus might’ve occurred with corey accidentally being lifted by the Sage Wall. This lead to T1 making it to 10 rounds and going 4-1 after that to end the game 13-9 in their favour to qualify for the next Challengers phase.

With FaZe not advancing past the VCT NA Open 2, who knows how Stage 2 Masters is going to play out.

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