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Tachanka Rework and Elite Skin are now Live!

After a month on the Technical Servers, the Tachanka Rework is now hitting the live servers and Ubisoft surprised the players with a Tachanka Elite Skin aswell!

Ubisoft announced back on Six Invitational 2020 that the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege was getting a rework in Year 5.

The rework consists of Tachanka getting an Incendiary grenade launcher (Shumikha Launcher) as his new gadget and the old gadget (DP27 Mounted LMG) is now a primary weapon that he can carry around. The grenade launcher can be used very effectively to stop the attackers from plating the defuser due to the flame area spread released by the grenades. This rework intends to make Tachanka a more viable pick in Casual and Competitive play.

The reworked Tachanka was available on the test servers since October 8 where players could play him and give some feedback to the developers. After a month of testing, Tachanka is now available on the live build of the game!

Tachanka now has the DP27 LMG as a main weapon! / Credit: Ubisoft

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Tachanka Rework Goes Live Alongside Elite Skin Pack

Yesterday Ubisoft announced aswell the brand new Tachanka Elite Skin pack named the “Slava Korolyu”!

The “Slava Korolyu” Elite skin costs 1800 R6 Credits (15,00€) and includes a victory animation, the Slava Korolyu Uniform, a Shumikha Launcher gadget skin, a new skin for all Tachanka´s weapons and a Elite Tachanka Chibi charm.

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