Tachanka Rework Coming to Rainbow Six: Siege Oct 7, Here’s When

Everyone’s favourite human-tank hybrid is changing… A Tachanka Rework is being teased by Ubisoft and is due to be revealed October 7.

Okay, okay. Tachanka is a little bit of a meme for Siege players. He is, essentially, a forever-out-of-meta giant. His ability is all centred around his Mounted LMG at the moment, which raises a number of issues with any competent team composition. He is immobile while using it, not to mention incredibly exposed. The Mounted LMG needs space to operate, after all!

Tachanka Rework
Credit: Ubisoft

Essentially, he’s not the best pick. Sure, his LMG shreds, but with mobility (arguably a more important factor in the current Siege meta) he’s really out of the loop.

Tachanka Rework Leaks Suggest He’s Becoming More Mobile, Thankfully

Redditor u/xSkajOfficial revealed leaked information about the Tachanaka Rework about a month ago which would suggest that Tachanka is going to become a more viable pick in the future. Not only in causal play, but on the competitive scene too.

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Looking through the leak, it appears that Tachanka will be getting more portability through the change of his primary weapon. Rather than the RP-46, he’ll be rocking the DP-28. With his LMG now a primary weapon, he’ll be able to utilize a Grenade Launcher as a more adaptive defensive tool.

Below is a list of times when the Tachanka Rework Update will go live:

10am (PT)

12pm (CT)

1pm (EDT)

5pm (GMT)

8pm (MSK)

2am, the next day (JST)

3am, the next day (AEST)

Rainbos Six: Siege is coming to next-gen consoles, so don’t expect this to be the last Rework the game sees.

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