Team Brax defeats Team Myth to win Twitch Rivals Showdown

Team Brax climbed their way to win one of the first competitive Valorant tournaments on Sunday with a 2-1 series win over Team Myth at the Twitch Rivals Launch Showdown. The winners, consisting of Brax, AZK, crashies, food and Skadoodle took map 1 on Bind 13-7 and map 3 on Bind 13-10 to take the series. Team Myth took map 2 on Haven 13-6 to force the third map.

The Team Brax roster is the full T1 Valorant team, who added Skadoodle on June 3. Team Myth is four members of TSM’s Valorant team with content creator Myth as captain. Myth, Wardell, drone, reltuC, and subroza went 3-0 in their group on Saturday before taking the semi-final 2-0 over Team Mendo.

Despite it being a showmatch, the Twitch Rivals Launch Showdown brought a first glance at some of the early professional talent in Valorant. Brax himself was on fire, posting a 271.6 average combat score through the tournament. His aggression paid off, as he was tied for most first bloods in the tournament with 27 alongside Wardell.

Team Myth often didn’t have a counter for Team Brax’s firepower. Wardell looked great on the Operator, but the combination of Brax and AZK with Skadoodle on the Sage was more than enough for Team Brax.

Although he isn’t a professional player, Myth held his own through part of the tournament. In the finals, he didn’t put up great numbers in either of the losses. Wardell was 18-6 in opening duels in the tournament, looking like a key part of TSM’s potential success.

Here are the final standings in the NA division:

  1. Team Brax ($10,250)
  2. Team Myth ($7,250)

3-4. Team Mendo/Team Sh0ts ($4,750)

5-8. Team dizzy/Team jakenbakeLIVE/Team fl0m/Team jordanfisher ($1,750)

9-12. Team TenZ/Team Aceu/Team StPeach/Team Bnans ($1,250)

13-16. Team Hiko/Team Kephrii/Team CDNThe3rd/Team austincreed