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Team Liquid End Its Loss Streak Against FURIA

Yes, it is true; Team Liquid has finally done it. The curse of FURIA that reigned over TL with loss after loss after loss is no more, for now. Nick ‘nitr0’ Canella and his team beat FURIA and ended their massive loss streak in a best of 3, knocking them out of cs_summit 6. Team Liquid has gone toe-to-toe with the Brazilian squad 6 times in the last three months and, as you can imagine, it didn’t go well for them on any of those occasions. On Sunday, TL faced off with them for a 7th time, and their luck finally turned around.

With Liquid taking a nose dive on the top rankings leader board, this is a good sign for the struggling squad. Around this time last year, TL was the #1 team in the world. Currently, they sit at 11th place on the ladder, 6 places under FURIA, who has been on fire lately.

Unfortunately for FURIA, Team Liquid came out swinging on Vertigo. With NAF leading the charge, the North Americans took the first map losing only four rounds per half. With multiple four kill rounds NAF came out with a +14 K/D. Vertigo ended 16:8. On map two, Nuke, we saw NAF and EliGE take a back seat while Twistzz, nitr0, and Stewie2k put up a textbook performance, netting 10 rounds on T side and earning a nice position for the switch to CT. Team Liquid took map 2 and the match 16:10.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid’s Caller: Stewie2k

Pushing To The Top

This may be a sign of the squad fully adjusting to their call maker changeup. It is possible that Stewie2k and the rest of TL are much stronger after getting used to Stewie making the calls. Now, with the recent victory, Team Liquid will move ahead to the playoffs in cs_summit 6. The squad will resume play on Tuesday, kicking off the playoffs with 100Thieves. You can check out the match here.