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Team Nigma Overcome RNG To Win WePlay! Bukovel Minor!

Team Nigma, the runners-up from The International 2019 were victorious at the WePlay! Bukovel Minor, defeating Royal Never Give Up in the Grand Final! This delivers the team $72,000 in prize money and the final spot in the DreamLeague Season 13 Major! Let’s go through each game and see how Nigma came to be champions. I should also mention, that earlier in the day, Team Nigma had taken down Geek Fam in two highly entertaining games!

The Show Match

Before the Bo5 Grand Final, we were given the special treat of a show match between Team USA vs Salo Power, it was Kyle vs Dendi! Thankfully for the fans in Ukraine, their hero ”Dendi” didn’t disappoint taking home the victory in exactly 30 mins!

Grand Final – Game 1

Starting off with game one, Team Nigma went with a very bold strategy of picking Huskar and Alchemist with Omniknight and Abaddon as support. Royal Never Give Up then hard countered them by picking Shadow Fiend and Outworld Devourer. The Chineses draft proved too strong for Team Nigma as RNG secured victory just 38 minutes into the game to take the 1-0 lead in the Grand Final!

Grand Final – Game 2

Going into game two, Nigma picked Phantom Lancer for ”Miracle”. Rule one, do not give ”Miracle” Phantom Lancer. Nigma started game two very strongly controlling the opening 25 minutes, but RNG then quickly took back control of the game eventually having a 30k + gold lead! 57 Minutes in ”Setsu” died with no buyback, leaving him dead for two minutes! Did he just throw the game? RNG once had a 30k Gold Lead that was shrinking by the minute! Eventually, the game reached 70+ minutes. This is the first 70+ minute pro game on LAN since Dota Patch 7.23. This means that all of the crazy overpowered 70+ minute Jungle Items became available! This eventually led to an incredible finally team fight with ”Miracle” being the truly unkillable raid boss! Nigma is just unstoppable when Miracle is on PL! RNG will be devastated that they lost this game being so far ahead, it was an incredible 80-minute match I highly recommend you check out some of the late team fights!

Team Nigma at WePlay! Bukovel Minor.

Grand Final – Game 3

After that 80 minute slugfest, what could game three possibly bring? Not much actually, Royal Never Give Up actually let ”Miracle” play Phantom Lancer again! This proved to be a dreadful decision as Team Nigma completely dominated securing the victory in just 23-minutes! Once again, rule one, do not give ”Miracle” Phantom Lancer, ban it instantly!

In between matches, WePlay! played these fantastic SFM Animations!

Grand Final – Game 4

During the next draft, RNG banned the PL, yes great start! They soon returned to the Queen of Pain before picking Spectre to counter the Drow Ranger Nigma had picked, a risky choice but it definitely could work. Meanwhile, Nigma went for the rare Dark Seer pick! RNG needed to get this game off on the right foot, and then Nigma secured 3 kills in the first 60 seconds! Despite the rough start the Spectre pick seemed to be working, Royal Never Give Ups draft once again looked incredibly strong, the Doom, Spectre, Omni combo was just unkillable. Everything seemed to be going just fine for the Chinese roster, both the Spectre and the QOP had over 30k+ network! However, at 51 minutes and with a 41k gold lead, Team Nigma hit a HUGE Surge + Echo Slam + Sanity’s Eclipse Combo that gave Nigma the team wipe and a possible way back into the game!

This huge play from KuroKy and boys was the catalyst that led to the most improbable of comebacks! Team Nigma did the impossible 40k down but never gave up! With one final push 60+ minutes into the game, Nigma managed to bring down the ancient to win the WePlay! Bukovel Minor! Locking in their place at The Leipzig Major!

WePlay! Production Value!

Once again I need to praise the production value on this Minor. You had holograms, SFM movies, hype videos, songs, fireworks the list goes on! I’ve never seen so much quality content at a minor before. Especially from a company that has never run a DPC event. I see great potential with WePlay! Give them a major now Valve!

Royal They Never Gave Up

I feel really bad for RNG they were so strong during this tournament and played some fantastic Dota but Team Nigma proved too strong in the end. After this impressive performance, I’m sure we will see Royal Never Give Up at the next Major.

In Conclusion:

While Team Nigma will be proud that they won the WePlay! Bukovel Minor, their inconsistent performances and struggles to overcome weaker opposition should raise some eyebrows going into The Leipzig Major. However, Nigma seem to be the kings of sucking at the start of a tournament, dropping to the losers bracket then going on to win the whole event! Could they pull off another TI9 performance? We’ll have to wait and see!

DreamLeague Season 13 – The Leipzig Major kick offs on January 18!

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