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Team Vitality’s Captain Apex Takes a Break from CS:GO

In a statement released this Tuesday, the French organisation Vitality has announced that Apex, the In-Game Leader of their CS:GO team, will take a break due to personal reasons.

According to Rémy ‘XTQZZZ’ Quoniam, the coach in charge of the roster, the team has been unable “to reach its full potential”, despite the top 3 finish achieved at the first event of the year.

XTQZZZ also points out to the burden of the pandemic situation and to the public backlash after their most recent $10,000 stream-sniping fine handed by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) during BLAST Premier Global Finals as heavy tolls on the morale of the squad.

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In addition to these problems, Dan ‘Apex’ Madesclaire has had undisclosed personal problems and as such, was removed from the roster that will represent the team during the rest of BLAST Premier Spring.

This period will be extended if necessary, to respect his well-being and to ensure he comes back refreshed and in full control of his craft. His role within the team is essential and we hope to see him back with us at his best as soon as possible.

Coach Rémy ‘XTQZZZ’ Quoniam in Vitality’s Statement

While Team Vitality has a six-man roster, possibly moving up Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom to the main roster, for the time being, losing their In-Game Leader in the middle of an event is a heavy burden to any roster.

Apex takes a break just after a landslide loss against Complexity, in the opening match of Group B of BLAST Premier Spring. The French side will face the North-American team of Evil Geniuses later today in a Lower Bracket elimination Best-of-Three.

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