by Paul

Our Team

Dan Tyrrell
Content Manager
I am a life long techie and a current technology leader. I started my career as a gaming retail manager, and have never stopped loving the industry. Primarily a hardware writer, I still spend my free time playing Paladins and iRacing.
David Coulson
Head Writer
I play games, make music and create YouTube videos/stream, that's about it. My favourite game currently is Fortnite and I love the Resident Evil & Zelda series'.
Kyle Wilson
Staff Writer
I like writing about video games and drinking tea, but the kettle’s boiling.
Shay Robson
Staff Writer
Random kid who likes to play video games and hope that one day I'll make it somewhere in life. I'm also semi-professional VALORANT player, well kinda...
Luke Blakemore
UK News Writer
I'm a big gamer! Pokemon, Dragon Ball Resident Evil and Overwatch are just some of the games that you'll usually see me on! Bilingual speaker English/ Japanese.
Josse Van Dessel
CS:GO Writer
I'm an enthusiastic gamer and esports fan. With my Silver mechanics but Global Elite brain, I try to share my love for Counter Strike with the world.

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