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Temtem: How to Breed

Temtem Breeding

Like most catch-em-all games, Temtem allows you to not just catch Temtem, but breed them as well. Here’s how to breed in Temtem.

The Breeding Center

Temtem Breeder
Credit: Humble Bundle

To breed Temtem, you first need to reach the breeding center. The breeding center is located on the 2nd island towards the middle of the Superior Omninesia map, just left of the Dojo. Inside you will find Temdeck Stations, Egg Incubators, and a Temtem breeder you can pay to to breed your Temtem. Breeding takes 5-10 minutes depending on if they are the same species or not, and hatching takes 5-45 minutes depending on their catch rate.


Temtem Breeder
Credit: Humble Bundle

The first thing to check when breeding Temtem is compatibility. You need a male, and female Temtem that share at least one type. For example, a Fomu and a Babawa. Fomu is Water type and Babawa is both Nature and Water type so since they share being Water type, they can breed.


Credit: Humble Bundle

When you catch a Temtem, they come with a pre-set number of times they can breed which is their fertility. The maximum fertility a Temtem can have is 8, including 7 leaves and the stem. Temtem caught with SV values between 49 and 50 will have their fertility reduced by .5 for each one. (SVs are a Temtem’s individual stats and are generated upon catching a Temtem.) Each time a Temtem makes an egg, its fertility drops by 1, and the offspring will inherit the lower value of the parents.


Temtem Breeding
Credit: Humble Bundle

Temtem hatched from eggs inherit a lot from their parents.

  • They become the earliest evolution of their mother Temtem
  • They take the lower fertility value of their parents
  • They have a 40% chance to inherit the highest SV value, 40% for the average, and 20% for the lowest for each stat
  • Traits aren’t inherited, and have a 50/50 shot of being either option, but breeding items can force inheriting a trait
  • Some Temtem can only inherit certain moves (Egg Moves) from a parent of another species having it
  • If a parent is a Luma (Alternate Colors), their is a 1/1000 chance to have a luma, if both are it becomes 1/100

Breeding items

Credit: Humble Bundle

Temtem has many breeding items you can use to force inheritance to your new egg. There are various DNA strand items that when held by a breeding Temtem, ensure it inherits a specific SV of its parent or SV’s. There is also one that forces the trait to be inherited as well. These can be bought by talking to the merchant next to the Temtem breeder.

Perfect SV Breeding

Temtem Perfect SV chart
Credit: u/nicoplaynick and friends

To ensure a perfect SV Temtem, this chart shows the Temtem, items, and currency required.